Iraq — Extremists Commemorate General Qassem Soleimani

  • The demonstrations have been driven by the Hashed al-Shaabi, which Mustafa has controlled.
  • Soleimani was attacked by a US drone attack on January 3, 2020, when he was visiting Baghdad.
  • Protesters in Iraq also requested the assassination of Iran's top officer.

Thousands of adherents of Iraq’s Shiite paramilitary were paraded through Baghdad on Sunday to commemorate the anniversary of Qassem Soleimani and a militia commander’s assassinations by the US.Thousands of Iraqi mourners shouted “revenge” and “no to America” one year after a US drone strike killed Shia militants’ top leader in Iraq.

Chanting anti-US slogans, Iraq militia supporters mark year since Soleiman killing.

Protesters in Iraq were condemning the prime minister, describing him as “hypocrite” and a “agent of the Americans.”

The demonstrators waved Iraqi and PMF banners, and held portraits of General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Muhandis.

It was witnessed by citizens in all Arabic nations. There have been many festivals of Soleimani throughout Iran since his death. Soleimani is honoured with music, film and Television series in Iran.

Tehran has also made the debut of Soleimani autobiography, which includes his adolescence and young adulthood.

Broken Ties with USA

The assassination attempts seem to have increased animosity between the United States and Iran to the breaking point. The demonstrations have been driven by the Hashed al-Shaabi, which Mustafa has controlled.

After the horrific 2005 Nisour Square shootings, the Iraqi parliament had voted to expel US powers from the region. Despite several withdrawals, about 3,000 U.S. forces are now in Pakistan.

Tensions on the topic of Iraq are at their peak rate until President Donald Trump leaves office. Trump tweeted that US intelligence had heard chatter about new threats against US civilians and allies in Iraq.

“Some friendly health advice to Iran: If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible. Think it over,” Trump wrote on Dec. 23. He added, ”We hear chatter of additional attacks against Americans in Iraq.”

It has been achieved twice in the month of June in a sign of de-escalation, the US has ordered a millitary carrier out of the Persian Gulf as well. Iran accuses United States for assassinated Qassem Soleimani.

For a year, the assassination of senior Iranian military official Soleimani stays in the spotlight. Hundreds of mourners have assembled to condemn the execution of Qassem at the rally in Iraq.

He was attacked by a US drone attack on January 3, 2020, when he was visiting Baghdad. “We are here today to evaluate and be assured of our powerful capabilities at sea and against enemies who sometimes boast and threaten,” Salami said, according to the Guards’ official website Sepahnews.

On Wednesday, Iranian attorney Ali Alqasimehr alleged that a British intelligence company and an airbase in Germany had a part in killing Hezbollah military chief Soleimani. In the interview, he claimed that G4S played a vital role in the murder.

The Iranian Government alleges that the US used Ramstein Air Base in southwestern Germany to threaten Iranian Government officials.

“We are here today to condemn what the American-Israeli enemy had done by targeting the leaders of victory,” protester Abu Ahmed said in Baghdad. “We call on the government to take a serious stance to hold those who killed them accountable.”

Iraqis demand US troops pull out on Soleimani killing anniversary.

Anniversary Noticed

Meanwhile, hundreds of Shiite Iraqis gathered at the main square of Baghdad to celebrate the first anniversary of the conclusion of the American-led occupation of Iraq. Since early morning, the avenues across the Square are already lined.

Enhance protection initiatives and more security personnel were mobilized. The Interior Ministry stated on Sunday that the government had planned for disruptions.

Iran Promises Vengeance

Soleimani’s killing on the anniversary of his death raises Iran’s ability to react with growing intervention. Iran was blamed by the Trump administration for initiating a campaign of assaults on US troops in Iraq. By November 2017, Trump had authorized the reduction of US military forces in Iraq by the end of the year.

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