Is China Following the Kim Jung-Un Strategy With Recent Nuclear Threats?

  • The Editor-In-Chief of the Global Times is calling for nuclear weapons expansion.
  • China is contemplating quantitive easement.
  • The expansion of the nuclear arsenal can be construed as a threat to the West.

A tweet has been made by the Editor-In-Chief of The Global Times calling for China to increase its number of nuclear warheads. This is not the first tweet of this nature within the same week. The suggested increase is to 1,000 nuclear warheads. Calls for an expansion of the nuclear arsenal were also published in the article in the The Global Times.

The Tweet made by the Editor-In-Chief of the Global Times.

The Global Times is a daily newspaper under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, commenting on international issues from a nationalistic perspective. The Editor-In-Chief Hu Xijin is a Chinese propagandist for the state-controlled newspaper in the People’s Republic of China.

How to evaluate the “signals” from Beijing:

1. China recognizes its inability to withstand information and economic pressure from the United States and its allies and is forced to resort to  “rattling.”

2. The main focus in the short-term development of the PLA will be the formation of the “nuclear triad.”

3. The Delicate policy of “Soft Power” is giving way to the uncompromising policy of the Wolf Warrior.

4. Traditional CPC mantras about “peaceful development and a community of one destiny” are being transformed into the concept of “forcing peace by force.”

5. China is entering a phase of aggressive foreign policy and abandoning its previous inertia in international affairs.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.

China is threatening to sell large amounts of US government bonds, which could have a negative impact on the US securities market. The timing could be problematic, since the US is now issuing new bonds to finance a series of programs to combat the pandemic and crisis. The quantity of US bonds issued for this year is expected to be $4 trillion.

Domestically, China is contemplating quantitive easing. China has not resorted to this strategy as of yet. The sharp increase in inflation has so far kept China from quantitive easing.

Additionally, this week North Korean leader  Kim Jong-Un sent correspondence to the Chinese president XI Jinping praising China for their coronavirus measures and political strategy. Does China moving some of its military to the North Korean border means that they will start working on nuclear weapons with North Korea?

Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Any time there is a discussion and threats about nuclear weapons, it shows that China is getting desperate. Clearly, no one believes China about the coronavirus. China received too many passes in regards to its antics of stealing defense technology around the globe, particularly from US and Russia, plus the constant violations of trademarks and environmental agreements.

There is overall unhappiness within China. It Is possible Xi might not survive this scenario even though he is supposed to be the lifetime leader of China. There could be an uprising by the younger arm of the Chinese Communist Party, who are not happy with the situation and are accustomed to the upper class lifestyle. If China is isolated it will have a direct impact on its economy and therefore a downgrade in their lifestyle.

The threats and calls should be taken seriously by the US because they are a possible threat to western national security. It is time to distance even further from China, including in trade.

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