Is Facebook Dying as a Social Media Platform?

  • If you are a business owner, you might know that Facebook makes most of its revenue from advertisements.
  • This means the more active the users on the platform are, the more the audience will see the ad.
  • The engagement rates on Facebook have dropped over a few years even though it has made so much progress.
  • To dig deeper, we need to go no further than looking at the statistics.

While users are still competing, Is Facebook dying as a social media platform? Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used all around the world. It allows you to engage, connect, and share your life with your friends and family online. Facebook has more than a billion worldwide users.

If you are a business owner, you might know that Facebook makes most of its revenue from advertisements. This means the more active the users are, the more the audience will see the ad. Facebook’s engagement rates have dropped over a few years, even though it has made so much progress. To dig deeper, we need to go no further than looking at the statistics.

For the past few years, Facebook has been the center of some important news stories.

What is The Proven Usage Data Of Facebook?

The infographics above give us the following data:

  • 96% usage is through smartphones and tablets.
  • There is a deficient number of college-educated students on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have a relatively higher number of users.
  • In 2019, Facebook maintained an 8 percent increase among its users.
  • 41% of the active users on Facebook live in China, 16% in Europe, and 10% in the US and Canada combined.

These numbers point us in a completely different direction. Is Facebook dying if it has still maintained a high number of users?

The End Of Facebook, a Fact or Fiction?

For the past few years, Facebook has been the center of some important news stories. Facebook had lost a lot of users when it got involved in election scandals and data breaches. Or is it that Facebook isn’t cool anymore?

Since the past few years, there have been many shifts in the users on Facebook. They have cut users who were aware of the illegitimate sharing of data on the platform off. This has left a massive gap in the number of a younger, much-illuminated generation. This generation has shifted to platforms they consider more trustworthy. Most of the young generation is relying on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. They believe these platforms are better because it allows them to express their lives more.

Not only this. We have seen a lot of social media platforms emerge since last year that has left Facebook behind. Snapchat and Instagram are very like Facebook but are less difficult.

It is the design and algorithm of Instagram and Snapchat that make them pretty easy to use. For example, the new algorithm of Instagram makes the posts easy to view. The new algorithm pushes new posts at the top of the news feed. This way, It becomes easier to stay updated with things that they wish to see. This shift has left a significant number of “Old Aged” users on Facebook. Hence Facebook is now considered as an old generation platform.

Why is Facebook Dying as a Social Media Platform?

Facebook is such a massive part of people’s lives. Illegal data breaches and political scandals are not enough to kill Facebook completely. Then what is the reason behind the death of Facebook? Well, the thing is, the young generation today has started using the platform less. Facebook to a 13-year-old teenager is very “Uncool” unless they use it for memes, of course.

In the last few years, businesses used Facebook to promote themselves for free. Now, this has limited to increase Facebook’s profit through advertising spaces. This has led to an augmentation in useless advertising as well. 99% of useless ads in the news feed have pulled Facebook to a point where the news feed holds no significance at all.

Facebook helped its users by providing an easy layout. They also gave their users guidance about how they could optimize their accounts. The dopamine rush after getting likes and the enthusiasm spiced up people’s lives. The new algorithmic layout has made its usage a bit technical. Users believe that the new algorithm has reduced Facebook’s creativity.

Users believe that Instagram is a better mobile experience than Facebook.

When I was a teenager, I remember how excited I was when I created my very first account on Facebook. It was actually shocking and fascinating at the same time to see how simple yet addictive it was. Over these few years, Users caught Facebook selling some private data to a company. This particular piece contained information related to the American elections in 2016.

Over the years, Facebook has been holding on to the short attention span that it attracts. People have posted almost all their life since the last decade. It ranges from where they travel, where they eat, who they eat with, their relationship status, and what not! This routine has now become monotonous. It now bore people, homesick, and nostalgic for a time that existed before this social order.

What Platforms Are Attracting More Audience Over Facebook?


WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform used in high amounts in the US, Europe, and South Asia. It allows users to send free messages over the internet. This stops the standard carriers from charging a considerable amount for text messages.

It provides monitoring, private group messaging and usually works on every smartphone. WhatsApp and Facebook messenger has a user base of over 2.8 billion people combined. They process billions of messages daily. The usage of Facebook itself surpasses that of WhatsApp and is still behind the track. Well, the reason is, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encrypted text messaging.  This ensures that only the participants of the chat can view the messages. Placing calls on WhatsApp is way easier than Facebook. It lets you place calls at places where signal strengths aren’t that strong.


Instagram is a mobile-ready and easy photo-sharing platform, almost like Facebook. It’s a massive hit among the young generation who loves to capture everything. By next year, it may either match or surpass Facebook. Thanks to its expanded affinity and improved adaptability with cell phones. Facebook has placed its feet on the track for mobile phone apps. Users believe that Instagram is a better mobile experience than Facebook.  It isn’t easy to gain organic reach on Facebook from a marketing stance. This is because of Facebook’s algorithmic layout of the news feed. The synchronization for brands and users is better on Instagram.


Snapchat makes people happy! Are you feeling excited? Post a snap! Send a streak. Stay Connected! On the outside, Snapchat may sound like every other application. But, it has some exceptional qualities that have attracted over 100 million users to it. Snapchat is Private, authentic, and is fun to use! It allows you to create streaks with friends for a constant reminder of staying in touch every day. Facebook exposes your entire life to your friends and family. Snapchat owns the benefit of limiting your life to only the people you give access to. The video policy for Facebook is very convoluted. But Snapchat has a pretty organized strategy that offers more ad slots.


YouTube is the most popular platform to create, view, and share videos all over the world. It has different genres for people of varying age groups. Youtube has a short advertisement span and an option to skip it. Users consider it a very comfortable network. YouTube generates over $2200 for every million views that a video gets. Facebook only generates approximately $264.

Individuals and companies can use Facebook as a platform for small innovative businesses. People can use it to promote baking and coffee shops and cleaning services.  As of now, Facebook still has some spark in it. It needs a minor blow to light the fire!  Are you wondering, Is Facebook dying as other social media platforms are emerging? Here’s what you can do to blow the spark.

Blow the Spark, Light the Fire!

To save an erosion of hope and eradication of connection, you can:

  • Add and organize your data by using the toolkit for Facebook
  • Schedule your posts using the social media scheduling tools
  • Use the official Facebook workplace app to keep a fine balance between work and social life
  • Simplify your Facebook by removing pesky ads
  • Use the groups and pages app if you’re an administrator
  • Stay in touch with your family, sell stuff and support the cause that you believe in!

What could Facebook become if it migrated back to its roots? If it pulls out from the bubble of hostility that it has developed into and comes out as an educational semblance—a platform where every participant has value and importance. Nobody would want to consume a steady stream of nonsense from unreliable sources and.

Everyone feels the need to contribute to a better world, and therefore we need to talk again! Facebook has bought its competitors like WhatsApp and Instagram. So, it has nothing to worry about.  Even with the bad reputation, the statistics keep rising.

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