Is Mac Running Slow? Tips To Speed Up Your Mac

  • Update your Mac to speed up
  • Use Mac Optimization Tool
  • Reindexing of Spotlight

With the passage of time our Mac starts slowing down and we start searching for the ways to speed it up. Well there are numerous ways, when it comes to how to speed up Mac. So out of all those ways we have picked the most easy yet powerful tips that can boost the performance of your Mac. So without further delay dive on to the tips to speed up your Mac.

Stop Program Launching at Startup

As a mac user we often complain that over time our Mac is not that quick to start like when it was new. So the reason for that is when your Mac was new there were only few items that load at startup, while with the time as per your requirement you install many apps, out of which few are added to the startup and load right from the startup of Mac. And this results in longer boot time of your Mac. Moreover, once the app starts at startup, it continuously runs in the background until you close it. But fortunately, there is a way you can control and stop the programs to launch automatically at startup.

To do so first click on the Apple icon at the top > Now from the drop-down menu that populates click on the System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items.

You can now find all the programs that run on startup. Now have a close look at all the programs and remove all the ones that you feel are unnecessarily starting with the startup of Mac. This will help you to speed up Mac in general.

Keep Your macOS and Apps Updated

One of the most simple yet powerful tips to speed up Mac is to have the latest version of OS installed on your machine. And when Apple keeps on rolling the updates for your OS from time to time there is no point in missing any update. The updates rolled by Mac includes the bug fixes, security patches, and other new features that keep your Mac running smoothly.

Ans similar to your OS, the apps installed on your Mac also receive updates from their respective developers. This too includes common bug fixes and other new features. So if you see an update for any respective app, install it asap without any ado.

To confirm the version of the operating system installed on your Mac, click the Apple icon and then select About This Mac. Now, if you see any available update, install it.

Reindexing of Spotlight

With every update of your OS you may have noticed a slight slowness on your Mac for a few hours. The reason for this is indexing of Spotlight. However, sometimes the Spotlight indexing gets stuck and you need to reindex it manually.

To reindex Spotlight open System Preferences > select Spotlight > Click on Privacy tab.

Now from Finder, drag and drop the hard drive into the Privacy list. Once you see it added in the Privacy list, just remove it by clicking on the “-” sign at the bottom left corner.

This will restart the indexing process. The process will again take a few hours to complete however this time it will complete properly and speed up your Mac.

Disable Visual Effects

Undoubtedly, macOS looks amazing with all those animations and other transparency effects. But on the other hand these take up the resources and result in slowing the Mac. So, another quick tip on how to speed up Mac is to disable these visual effects.

To turn off visual effects and speedup Mac follow the steps given below:

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac and select Dock.
  2. On Dock, uncheck the two boxes that read, “Animate opening applications” and “Automatically hide and show the Dock”.

Also change the Genie effect to Scale effect from “Minimize windows using” option.

We also recommend you to reduce transparency effects by navigating to system Preferences > Settings  > Accessibility > Display > Checkmark the option, Reduce Transparency and Reduce Motion.

And after you have disabled the transparency and visual effects, you will notice a slight improvement in the performance of your Mac.

Use a Mac Optimization Tool

Although all the above steps will help you to speed up Mac however, it will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore if you are looking for a quick and easy and automatic way to boost the performance of your Mac, then we recommend you to go with a dedicated mac optimization tool. After testing several tools, we found Smart Mac Care as of the best mac cleaner that has delivered what it promises. It’s one click optimization provides you with the following features:

●      Recover huge chunks of storage space by cleaning junk and other hidden trash.

●      Deletes cache and other browsing data to speed up the browsing

●      Improves boot time by removing the apps running automatically at startup.

●      Protects from malware, spyware infections that slows down the Mac.

●      Delete redundant data from your Mac with few clicks.

Wrapping Up

So readers, we hope that the above steps have helped you in speeding up your Mac. However, we recommend you to follow all these tips regularly to keep your Mac always up and running.

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