Is Manchester City’s Dominance Bad for the Premier League?

  • Manchester City had a successful pre-season, and beat Liverpool with all their main players in the Community Shield.
  • Last season's runners-up, Liverpool, were exciting as they sought out the champion, Manchester City. Eventually, the two teams raised each other's game.
  • None of the top six teams in the Premier League have been able to catch Man City.

Manchester City is thirsty for the Champions League. The club has not yet won the Champions League in their history. When limited to England, however, Manchester City is incredibly powerful.

All four teams in the European Champions League and Europa League finals last season were Premier League teams. It may seem like it’s a climax for the league, but there are many challenges. One of them concerns the league champions. The Premier League, which was launched in 1992, after breaking out of the Football League, was so successful because of the hot competition between the teams. It was always hard to predict the title-winning team. Over time, the top six Premier League teams are Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham in North London, and Chelsea in West London. The crisis is now aggravated by a single team’s dominance.

Manchester City won their fourth title in eight seasons last year. They are heavy favorites to win it again this year.

Last season’s runners-up, Liverpool, were exciting as they sought out the champion, Manchester City. Eventually, the two teams raised each other’s game. However, Liverpool have not won a league title since 1990. No team has been able to achieve three consecutive Premier League titles since Manchester United did it from 2007-09. In 2017-18, Manchester City scored 100 points, winning the title by 19 points over second-placed Manchester United. Both are league records. Last season, City scored 98 points, the second-highest ever in the Premier League.

Man City also won the FA Cup, 6-0 over Watford, last season. Man City’s only weakness was Fernando, so City hired Rodri to replace him. Under the leadership of Pep Guardiola, who is considered the best manager in modern football, Man City’s future is very strong. City had a successful pre-season, and beat Liverpool with all their main players in the Community Shield.

None of the top six teams have been able to catch Man City. Arsenal hired Nicolas Pepe to reinforce their power, but lost their main defender, Laurent Koscielny. Defensive spaces were resolved by signing Kieran Tierney and David Lewis. Chelsea, meanwhile, brought in Frank Lampard as manager. It will take time for Lampard’s plan to settle, and Chelsea sent ace Eden Hazard to Real Madrid.

The outlook for this year is similar to the 2017-18 season, in which Man City won the league in mid-April, with five matches to spare. The Premier League crisis is, in this context, similar to Italy’s Serie A or the German Bundesliga. Juventus and Bayern Munich have won their leagues eight and seven consecutive seasons, respectively. Football fans would lose interest and attention, and British football fans might also stop paying subscriptions.

On a larger scale, it could have a major negative impact on the British economy, after a potential no-deal Brexit. Globally, the loyalty and attention of football fans is more resilient. You can get out of the Premier League faster than fans in the UK. The Italian and German leagues are currently struggling to attract fans in Asia and Africa. This is because fans know that they are not interested in leagues with obvious results from the beginning.

Liverpool won their sixth UEFA Champions League title last season. However, they finished runners up in the Premier League, and have not won a league title since 1990.

If this is the beginning of the Man City era, the Premier League will also be affected. Other Premier League teams will also complain about Man City, and may direct their attention to a higher league. The European Super League was conceived by Juventus chairman Andrea Azuli, and is a concept in which famous European clubs compete in a league. Clubs across Europe remain overwhelmingly opposed to the idea. It was the European tournament that caught the attention of Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal fans, who were behind last season’s competition. If the European Super League can be held, the box office of the Premier League will be reduced overnight.

English clubs know that their spending on football fans is limited. If fans lose interest in the Premier League, and turn their attention to European competitions, they will change the relationship they have with clubs, leagues, and the European Football Association.

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