Is Numbify the Strongest Numbing Cream? We Challenged All 5% Creams to a Duel via 3rd Party Side-by-Side Testing

Talk and fake reviews are cheap, at Numbify were out to prove it.  

Numbify, a popular numbing brand on sites such as,, & has issued an unprecedented challenge to other Lidocaine numbing product manufacturers! Quoting CEO Drew Steig, “It’s time to put up, or shut up!”

Numbify has long claimed the popularly held title of Strongest Numbing Creams, Gels & Sprays.  While others have been spending their time and money perpetuating illegal consumer fraud, Numbify has been spending its efforts to increase its product strength, & quality while using as many natural ingredients as possible.

Strongest, Natural Ingredients and Low Cost Numbing Cream, Sprays and Gels.

According to recent reports, massive amounts of fake reviews have been posted on Amazon products, with the lidocaine numbing field being on the top of the list. Quite literally thousands of reviews are being posted by review farms on Amazon. It seems to be (for the time being at least) a phenomenon that is mostly contained to

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This product review fraud is estimated to be generating revenue in the hundreds of billions of dollars which is split between Amazon and the third party sellers that are perpetrating these frauds. It involves over 30% of all reviews. Throughout all of this, Numbify has stood by its principles of not buying fake reviews. Meanwhile these other lidocaine companies have had to buy fake reviews just to keep up with the superior pain relief of Numbify.

Unsatisfied with the lack of a response from Amazon (even after having dozens of reports submitted to them regarding these companies and the fraud that they are perpetrating), Numbify has finally had enough. “It is time to put up or shut up!” challenges CEO Drew Steig in a recent statement:

“We have to be able to rely on the manufacturers of the medicines we take to be honest and forthcoming. That is basic ethics in our health care industry and a stated requirement from the FDA. If a pharmaceutical company is willing to engage in lies to increase short term profits, how and why would you trust that company with your health and well being?”

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So Numbify wants their consumers and wholesale numbing clients to know the truth.

Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

In the spirit of this message, Numbify has issued a challenge to all other lidocaine product manufacturers. It is affectionately being called the Put Up Or Shut Up Challenge. Numbify has challenged the entire Lidocaine numbing field to side-by-side testing by a 3rd party product testing company. Steig says, “We have tested Numbify side-by-side against a plethora of other numbing creams on the market, and nothing compares to the effectiveness of Numbify! We want to show the public real review results, rather than Amazon review results that are often highly manipulated, by a plethora of dishonest companies.”

“Who would want to build a long term brand with massive fake reviews? It’s a phenomenon we simply don’t understand, yet almost everyone in the numbing category on Amazon (including major brand names) are just pumping out this fraud.  It’s time to make a stand!”

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