Is Russia Going to Invade Georgia Again?

  • Russia is claiming biological weapons are being designed in the Lugar Labs in Georgia.
  • Russia ressurected the claim on the Georgia Independence Day.
  • The request by Russia to enter Lugar Labs for inspection was denied by Georgia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia responded on May 27 to the statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry about the unwillingness of the Georgian and American sides to allow Russian representatives to check the office of medical research of the US Army-Georgia operating in the Richard Lugar Center BioLAB.

Lugar Labs in Georgia.

Moscow was waiting for Tbilisi to respond to a request for Russian specialists to visit the Center. The timing of the request by Russia coincided with the Georgia Day of Independence celebrated on May 26. The Kremlin antics are geared towards creating additional issues in Georgia.

As per the Russian Foreign Ministry “The subject of our concern is that Washington does not explain what it is doing in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders. This, of course, can not be ignored by us in the context of ensuring national security, especially when it comes to such sensitive aspects.”

The center is named after Richard Green Lugar, who was an American politician who served as a United States Senator from Indiana and a Republican from 1977 to 2013.

Russia claims to have data that the Pentagon and its affiliated structures finance research conducted in the laboratory and pay for operating costs. In 2002, Georgia and the US signed an agreement “on cooperation in the field of technologies and pathogens related to the development of biological weapons and non-proliferation of information in this field,” which further defined the cooperation of the two countries in this field and predetermined the establishment in 2011 near Tbilisi of the Richard Lugar Public Health Research.

Russia’s grievance is that, despite its requests, “the US does not provide information about dual-use activities carried out there, either in terms of confidence-building measures under the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) or through bilateral channels,” the statement said. Russia is purposely is using such verbiage to make it sound like the US is going to launch biological warfare against Russia from Georgia. It is a social engineering propaganda geared to cause tensions and escalate the Russian public’s desire to annex Georgia in the near future.

US Career Diplomat George Kent.

Russian officials and Georgian “experts” and public figures have repeatedly pointed out that research on the use of insects as carriers of particularly dangerous biological agents and infectious agents is being conducted there. Earlier this month a US ambassador to Georgia called the Russian attacks on the laboratory false.

According to open source information, a foreign group of experts visited the center in the fall of 2018.

Earlier this month George Kent made a statement pertaining to false Russian claims related to the Richard Lugar Center in Georgia. Kent is an American diplomat serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs since September 4, 2018. As a United States Foreign Service officer, his early service has included assignments in the US diplomatic missions to Poland, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

It is clear, Russia will do anything it can to cause turmoil in the region. Kremlin has its own ambitions and will achieve them as any means necessary. Hopefully, it will not use the playbook of how Iraq was entered, to invade Georgia under the guise of the weapons being built in Georgia.

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