Is Your Phone Hacked and Under Surveillance?

  • China and Russia both utilize hackers tied to Military and Secret Service.
  • The overheating of the smart phone could be a sign of the hacked phone.
  • Regular maintenance of the phone is required.

The head of the information and analytical agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov provided signs that hackers are listening to its owner’s smartphone. The website contains daily telecommunications market news including monitoring of media, company updates, press releases and many other things.

The head of the information and analytical Agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov.

The website sections include 3G, 4G, WiMax, Wi-Fi, the directory and tests of cell phones, the directory and tests of navigators, the ratings and company quotes and much more that is submitted. Especially interesting are the blogs conducted by heads of telecommunication companies. The information and analytical agency was established in 2003 in Russia. It is one of the most popular agencies providing commentary pertaining the telecommunications.

According to Kuskov, one of the main indicators of a hacked phone is the turning on and off by itself. This can be a sign of wiretapping. Also, the phone overheating when it is not being used. However, the same indicators can be due to a software issue. One of the most common issues is rapid battery drain, either due to new software updates or additional software issues.

A majority of experts recommend backing up your information and resetting your device to factory settings. Then, all the data will be deleted and you will have to reinstall after the process is complete. After the reinstallation process, it is recommended to monitor the device and its performance.

It is not recommended to install apps from sources other than the Apple Store and Google Play. The only other alternative is to download an app from the manufacturer site directly. If one needs to circumvent the process, it is best to create a separate user account. An android does provide this option.

Kuskov recommends regularly checking the list of installed apps on your smartphone and installing special software that prevents surveillance. Wiretapping can be carried out in a variety of ways, both using hardware and using special secretly installed applications. Even fake cellular base stations can be used for this purpose, but this is an expensive and complex method.

Accurate attacks use fake base stations and eNodeB communication nodes. To create such a station the Universal Software Radio Peripheral with OpenLTE is used. The total cost of the equipment is about $1,400.

Such technology to spy on your phone is most common in China. It has been reported the Chinese government seizes over two thousand such servers annually. The principle of operation of the SMS server is quite simple: the device pretends to be a base station operating with a fairly high power. As a result, the nearest cell phones are disconnected from the “weak” legitimate base station and switched to the “pirate” one with the most powerful signal. The Chinese government has always been supportive of technology and proprietary information theft. Therefore, it is plausible the data reader could be automatically pre-installed on Huawei equipment during the manufacturing process.

There have been reports that Russian hackers are tied in to the Russian military and secret service.

Regular maintenance of your phone is needed. It is highly likely a majority of phones are not hacked, but the potential is there.

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