Islamic Terrorists Kill 3,237 So Far in 2019

The number of targeted attacks by extreme Islamic terrorists in 2019 is staggering. There were 569 Islamic attacks in 37 countries in which 3,237 people were killed and 3,689 were injured so far this year  That works out to over 30 people killed per day and almost five attacks per day.

This week’s major news story and largest attack was a Boko Haram attack on a Nigerian Kuda-Kaya Village. That Boko Haram extremists killed at least 25 people who were returning home from a wedding celebration. It was reported that they went house to house on a killing spree.  The Kuda Village is a farming community and the villagers have worked throughout the year only to have their farm products destroyed.

“Many of the locals are already packing their belongings to leave because of fear.”

For the week ending May 1st, there was 140 killed, 63 injured in 32 separate attacks over 7 days–or over four attacks per day.

Of course most attacks like this are not covered in the news. There have been many claims that these 500+ terrorist attacks in 2019 alone are part of a religious war.  Many, especially in the press, say this a false narrative and the facts are being misconstrued. Either way, with over 500 attacks and over 3,000 dead in the first 4 months of this year alone, this is not random or acceptable.

This list updated list of weekly attack is below: (last update: 05/2/2019)

Source: Thereligionofpeace.

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