Isn’t It About Time You Switch to Numbify?

Hey, we get it, you have been carrying that old school numbing product in your tattoo shop, day spa, or pharmacy for years. It helps some people, a lot of people it doesn’t work for, but it’s hard to make a change. With dozens of choices available, and tens of thousands of fake online reviews on sites such as Amazon and Walmart ruining the credibility of the industry, where do you even start? We recommend you start with Numbify!

Numbify has scoured the entire world and spent years perfecting what we believe is by far the strongest numbing cream around.

While there are a lot of choices available, Numbify is among a very small percentage of the Numbing product industry that does not use fake reviews on their products. While most of the industry is reinvesting its profits into false advertising and fake online reviews in order to get sales, Numbify does very well naturally, from both word of mouth and truthful advertising.

Rather than buying your sales, Numbify listens to its customers concerns, and then reformulates its products and makes them better and better. In fact a new reformulation of Numbify is rumored to be making its way to the shelves by summer time, a sensitive skin formula that is specially designed for customers who need the power of Numbify, but also need a gentler and more soothing formula.

This type of customer attentive product design is unique in the pharmaceutical industry today. In a world where we rely on the companies that make our medicines to manage pain, improve quality of life, and save our lives at times, it seems that more and more of these companies are resorting to dishonest and manipulative tactics to get our money.

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Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

But let’s focus on helping you make the transition. Numbify is more than just a conscientious product line. It’s also an effective one. Numbify is by design centrally focused on improving the numbing power of lidocaine and making it more effective for a larger portion of the population than its counterparts in the industry. By using the best quality ingredients, (often natural ingredients) rather than the cheapest as many companies do, Numbify is able to achieve stronger, longer lasting numbing effects, and has blown away its competitors in the marketplace.

That’s why on sites such as Amazon and Walmart Numbify is often found at the top of the search results despite having less overall reviews. Numbify has no need of thousands of fake positive reviews to balance out the bad, because instead of ignoring bad reviews, Numbify has instead listened, and fixed issues the customers wanted fixed.

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The best part of it all is that Numbify is so confident that you will love their products, if you are considering switching, they will send you a full sized sample of their numbing spray to try out personally. All you need to do is head on over to and sign up for a free sample, or give their customer care team a call at (877) 906-4806 and ask for a free sample for your shop.

So with free samples, honest advertising, and a company mission to bring you only the highest quality numbing experience, the only question we are left with today is – Isn’t it about time you switched to Numbify?

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