Israel a Ray of Hope

  • Corona Pandemic united Israel to form the last new government.
  • Israel has reached Herd Immunity; the nation is again divided.
  • Israel is a Ray of Hope for nations of the world to unite to solve the Corona Pandemic.

Amidst the dilemma of this year Corona Pandemic the minds of most people in the world is on health. Many people have died from Corona virus. Many people have recovered from the illness. Corona virus has been difficult for humanity even though almost 98% of people contacting the virus live through it. In a subtle way Corona Covid -19 has been able to cripple the world.

Western Wall place of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Air traffic was closed almost immediately. People were told to quarantine and wear masks. Hospitals became filled. The death counts mounted. In the beginning of the year 2020 when the Pandemic began, there was no other answer than quarantine. Lockdowns have not been pleasant. The people who have died from Covid were for everyone a great sorrow and loss.

The world has fought back. Medical science already was prepared for a new virus. Virology laboratories existed in many countries with the equipment to study a new virus and develop a vaccine. Waiting for the vaccine has been difficult. Other alternatives like anti-viral medicines were a second solution to vaccines in the background.

Through vaccinations and the slow process of the spread of the virus the goal of medical science was to reach Herd Immunity. Herd Immunity can be reached through vaccinations and naturally through healing. Waiting for the whole world to heal from Corona was not a perfect solution. Vaccinations when approved by FDA could produce Herd Immunity. Depending on people to take care of themselves on their own or to go to their doctors for help without vaccinations would never take the world out of lockdowns. Medical solutions need the cooperation of people. People do not always cooperate. Vaccinations is the easy way to Herd Immunity.

Most of the vaccines produced today Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson have proved to work. Their side effects have been minimal. Other vaccines have also proved to be effective each vaccine needs to be studied and observed as populations go out of lockdowns. From Israel has come to the world a Ray of Hope.

Israel will be celebrating this week Independence Day. The nations was established in 1948. Today the population of Israel is close to 10 million. The nations has suffered several wars with its neighbors. There is still in Israel a severe border dispute which is being negotiated. Even though Iran is not a close neighbor of Israel, Iran is called its greatest enemy. Israel has enemies throughout the whole world, but it also has many friends. America is one of Israel’s best friends. Israel is revered for its technology. Even though technology has in it two sides the good and evil of technology, its development is necessary for life on this planet.

The Ray of Hope coming from Israel today is that Israel has reached Herd Immunity to be an example for other nations. Netanyahu rushed to acquire from Pfizer its vaccines and started the vaccination campaign earlier than other nations. It has been successful to vaccinate more than one half of its population. Two months ago, Israel went into its third lockdown as cases of infections mounted rapidly. Hospitals became filled. Morbidity rates soured. During this time the vaccinations campaign gained strength. The Lockdown was slowly released even before the numbers of infections had dropped, but the Ministry of Health saw light at the end of the tunnel.

Today infected cases are almost at the standstill. Corona wards at hospitals are closing. There are still old infections which need to be treated as the nation continues to return to normalcy. Not all people want to vaccinate. This decision is being left for free choice. Those that are not vaccinated have in their home’s other medical alternatives like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin D and C. Until you get vaccinated you have no complete security. The Ministry of Health is talking about soon removing the requirement of wearing masks and social distancing.

Nuclear plant in Natanz Iran where occurred this week electrical fire. Israel is blamed by Iran.

God told the forefathers of the Jewish people, that he will make for them a holy nation in the land of Israel. He kept this promise after the Jewish people were released from slavery to Pharoah in Egypt. The journey from Egypt through the Sinai to Israel was not easy. It took forty years. Moses the prophet gave to the Jewish people a new culture and religion.

Entering Israel under the leadership of Joshua required strength and fortitude. Conquering the land took more than four hundred years. The Biblical Nation of Israel was finally established by their first kings. King David gave to his son Solomon the job of building the holy temple in Jerusalem to be for the whole world a Ray of Hope that law and order would eventually be established in the world; the world would eventually be civilized under the roof of One God and One Law.

The process of civilizing the world has taken centuries. There have been many changes over history. People today know what is right. There is a desire in the world for peace. We have learned from the frustrations of World War I and World War II. The nation of Israel today is for the world a Ray of Hope. The nation has its difficulties.

After three elections, there is still no new government because of the diversity of cultures within the nation. Netanyahu is still the Prime Minister, but he has many opponents from all sides. The last government was formed between Likud and Blue and White in an emergency to find a solution for the Corona Pandemic. The emphasis of this government was on health. Corona virus was able to unite the nation. Now that Israel has reached Herd Immunity, Corona virus will no longer be the peacemaker between the two sides of the coalition. Netanyahu and Likud who received the most mandates in the last elections have now to try to unite the nation to make a new government.

Israel today is divided but the world still needs to unite to solve the problem of Corona Pandemic. Many nations in the world are still in lockdown. Israel is the Ray of Hope for all the nations of the world to reach Herd Immunity. In this way Israel is a blessing the whole world. The Biblical nation of Israel started a new movement called World Faith. Judaism was the first monotheist religion and was  followed by Christianity, Islam and other religions as the word of God spread out in the world.

Corona Pandemic united the religions together in Jerusalem in Universal prayer.  Every day there are new religious movements adding to the world faith in God in different ways. Judaism has not changed but the world has changed. The hope of Judaism is to have another chance to build their Holy temple in the world. At this time it is impossible. The presence of the Holy Temple will change the world in the greatest way. About this was spoken by the prophets, Your house will be a house of prayer for all the peoples of the world. Religious Jews are waiting and praying to build the Holy Temple in Jerusalem for World Unity and Peace.


David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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