Israel Among Seven Nations Restoring Air Travel

  • 26,000 passenger aircraft have been grounded due to Corona.
  • Austria is providing a three hour Covid-19 test before flights.
  • Each of these nations closed off their borders early, and have taken control of their populations through quarantine regulations.

The Coronavirus has closed down air travel since March.  The world is beginning to return to normalcy. Seven nations have agreed together to open up air travel and tourism. These nations are Greece, the Czech Republic, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Israel, and New Zealand.

Ben Gurion Airport in Israel

Comparing these nations, Australia has the largest population of 24 million. Australia today has 6,800 infected cases and has 96 deaths. The other six nations have population between 7 and 15 million.

Each of these nations closed off their borders early, and have taken control of their populations through quarantine regulations. The Czech Republic has over 7,800 cases and 252 deaths. Greece 2,632 cases and 146 deaths. Israel has had 235 deaths with 16,235 infected cases. Denmark 9670 cases and 494 deaths. Austria 15,000 cases and 600 deaths.

In Austria, in the airport in Vienna, they have already instituted a molecular, biological, PCR Covid-19 three-hour virus check before flights, which cost about $200.  In this way, it will be possible for people from these nations to pass through the border without the required ten-day quarantine. The people on the flights will be required to wear face covers and obey the rules of quarantine upon arrival, including 2 meter distancing.

The coronavirus has affected air travel. It is ushering in a new era of air travel, including higher fares, fewer routes, preflight health checks, and less free food. Recovery will come slow, beginning with these seven nations which have done their work with smaller populations than other nations, which have been hit much harder in the Pandemic. Nearly two-thirds of the 26,000 passenger aircraft have been grounded.

Covid tests will be made at airports with results in two hours.

Vienna’s airport is operating scheduled flights to Doha, Dormund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Lisbon, Minsk and Sofia, as well as chartered flights and business trips. It still has landing bans in force from flights in high risk areas. It has started to loosen its seven week lockdown, with shopping centers, larger shops, including hairdressers.

Austria is setting an example to make air travel safer and easier with these rapid Covid-19 tests for passengers. In this way passengers can demonstrate their virus-free status on arrival at their destinations. These seven nations are just a beginning, and for sure will soon be joined with other nations interested in opening up their border to virus-free tourists.

It is important first to make these checks before each flight to have the results available when entering through border control. Rapid testing is the key to restoring tourism, and is important for getting the planes and their employees back to work. Many people need to travel in their business to make personal contact, which is not possible through online telecommunications. People want to visit their families living abroad.  Without air travel life is not the same. 

There is more good news from Israel regarding a treatment and a vaccine. Israeli scientists have isolated a coronavirus antibody, which can neutralize the virus in the human body to become a possible Covid-19 treatment. Naftali Bennett, the Secretary of Defense, visited the Israel Biological Research Center. He declared, “the monoclonal neutralizing anti-body can neutralize the virus in human carrier’s bodies.”

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