Israel and UAE to Launch Diplomatic Ties

  • Netanyahu called this day an historic day in Israel history.
  • UAE is the first gulf nation to have diplomatic relations with Israel.
  • Israel settlers object to Netanyahu cancelling annexation of the West Bank.

An agreement was sealed on the telephone between Israel and UAE where UAE will launch full diplomatic ties with Israel. Israel in return will halt its plans for annexation of the West Bank.  The agreement was made on a conference telephone call between Netanyahu, the crown prince of UAE, and President Trump. Netanyahu lauds “an historic day in history.”

Dubai the capital of UAE.

UAE will be the first gulf state to have full diplomatic ties with Israel and the third Arab State. The three parties made a joint statement “opening direct ties between the two of the Middle East most dynamic societies and advanced economics will transform the region by spurring economic growth enhancing technology innovations and forging closer people to people relations.”

The deal between the two nations has immediately been met with opposition from Israelis and Palestinians. Mayor of the West Bank settlement Beit El said that the future of Israel cannot depend on agreement not worth the paper it is written on. The settlement Beit El is a major settlement in the West Bank which was awaiting annexation before it was delayed by Corona virus and now this agreement. Shai Alon mayor of the West Bank stated, “Our future is in Judea and Samaria and in the courageous decisions our leaders must take not in agreements. The settlers were taken for a ride.” The mayor of Chevron region Yochai Damri condemned the agreement calling on Netanyahu to keep his promises to annex Judea and Samaria which he made before the last election. No normalization can come at the expense of a half a million settlers.

Netanyahu and Egyptian minister Abdul Al-Sisi.

The Palestinian Authority slammed the UAE for normalizing relations with Jerusalem. Hamas the terror group accuses the Gulf States of stabbing Palestinians in the back. Egypt Sisi says the move will help bring stabilization to the region. I value the efforts of those in charge of the deal to achieve prosperity and stability in the region.

Israel has halted fuel shipments to Gaza after dozens of fires have been started in Israel settlements bordering the Gaza border caused by incendiary balloons. This is already the 7th day in which these balloons have been launched from Gaza into Israel. Israel has retaliated with air strikes on Hamas facilities with war planes, helicopters, and tanks. The IDF takes all terrorist activity against Israel very seriously and will continue to act against these attempts to protect its citizens. The reason for escalation in the south is connected to the need to encourage Qatar to continue financial aid program for the Gaza strip. It may also be in opposition to the talks which were going on between UAE and Israel which has led to today’s agreement between the two nations.

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David Wexelman

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  1. This is a historic day! With all the very volatile turmoil in the last couple of decades this has been the first sign of some stability and peace. With on going skirmishes between different factions, time will tell if the people of the regions can live within this framework. Yet, the courage of these leaders to attempt this diplomatic effort is very encouraging.

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