Israel and World Diplomats React to Capital Hill Violence

  • America is being torn by the two sides of Democracy.
  • Israel also has two political sides which cannot make peace.
  • Iran and China attack democracy as a political system.

American adversaries and allies shook their head in dismay at the assault on the heart of US democracy. Many foreign leaders noted the importance of American’s role as a nation of self-rule by a free population urging a rapid return to stability. Several place the blame on President Trump. Others placed the blame on the news media, fake news during the Trump Administration before the Corona Pandemic which created doubts in the minds of Americans that justice was being upheld.

Netanyahu has loyal supporters.

Some saw the cause of the violence, the abuse of law enforcement to stop violent demonstrations throughout America after the death of George Floyd. These demonstrations were against the Trump Administration and supported by Democrat opponents of President Trump. Anarchists against Trump were given justification by fake news media.

Now, anarchists from the Republican side are taking vengeance. The cancelling of the Twitter account of President Trump and in Facebook is a continuation of the abuse of news media of their obligation to print the truth and only the truth. When the news media is allowed to lie, the society is blinded from truth.

The difficulties which America is having today has been magnified by the Corona Pandemic. In America and throughout the world people are disgusted by the leaders of their nations for not being able to control the Pandemic. This disgust is not only in America but also in Britain, France, Israel and most countries in the world. Blaming President Trump for these violent demonstrations is like blaming Black Americans for stimulating hatred and violence in Black Lives Matter violent demonstrations during the Pandemic.

The News Media instead of trying to calm the environment added fire and hatred to the Trump Administration in order to remove him from office. Democrats from the beginning of 2016 saw Trump as a threat to the liberal approach to democracy. They began even in 2016 to work politically through the news media to limit his term in office to four years and succeeded with the help of Corona Pandemic. American people even believed that possibly the Corona Pandemic was part of a conspiracy against President Trump.

China sent an encouraging message: “We believe that the American people want safety and tranquility, especially in the severe situation of the Corona Pandemic.” The problems of democracy are different than the problems of a Communist State which has only one voice.

Boris Johnson of Great Britain commented: Disgraceful scenes in the USA. The United States stands for democracy around the world and it is vital now that there should be peace and orderly transfer of power.

Iran saluted the violence saying last night showed the failure and fragility of Western Democracy in the world.

Violent Demonstration against Netanyahu.

Chancellor Merkel said the images from Capitol Hill made her angry and sad.

In Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu denounced as disgraceful the rampage at the US capital. Some of those amongst the demonstrators at Capital Hill were carrying Israeli flags. Trump has been a great friend to Israel which has caused Anti-Semitism throughout the world hatred to Jews and hatred to Trump. The Middle East is a sensitive spot in World Politics.  Trump by taking the side of Israel provoked opposition from the enemies of Israel.  Even Jews in America were in a difficult position as Jews trying to be Americans when Anti-Semitism increased in America.  Supporting Trump for Jews in America meant supporting Israel at the expense of American peace and security for Jews.

Israelis are worried about the reaction of supporters of Netanyahu to him being removed from office in the next elections to a more liberal candidate. Netanyahu like Trump has loyal supporters who have demonstrated against the court’s decision to indict him for corruption. It is safe to assume that Netanyahu will not calmly accept a loss in March. Trump and Netanyahu love their countries and worry about their futures. Every Saturday night there are demonstration in front of the home of Netanyahu in Balfour which sometimes become violent. This week the demonstrations came too close to his home and his security forces had to take him into a more secure place in fear of what happened in America will happen also in Israel. Netanyahu is smarter than Trump but no less dangerous.

Israel is in a lockdown for two weeks. Despite all the restrictions regarding public gatherings, demonstrations continue in front of the home of Netanyahu. Benny Gantz the opponent to Netanyahu agreed to the lockdown with the condition that these demonstrations will continue. Will Israel become another America torn by two sides?

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites.

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