Israel Attacks Military Targets in Syria as Pompeo Visits Israel

  • Pompeo, Netanyahu and the foreign minister of Bahrain will meet today in Israel.
  • Explosive devices were placed on Israeli territory in the Golan.
  • Israel retaliated by bombing eight locations in Syria.

Bahrain Foreign Minister Aldulallatif Al-Zayani arrived in Israel to meet with Netanyahu and Mike Pompeo to sign bi-lateral agreements during the visit. This is the first official delegation to Israel. Gabi Ashkenazi Israel foreign minister greeted the delegates from Bahrain at Ben Gurion airport as the two countries look to broaden cooperation after establishing formal ties in September.

Gabi Ashkenazi greets the foreign minister of Bahrain at Ben Gurion airport.

Mike Pompeo arrived in Israel. Pompeo. He is expected to hold a three way meeting with Netanyahu and Bahrain Foreign Minister. After their meeting he is expected to pay an important visit to Israel owned wine factory located in the heart of Samaria. The wine factory is located in the Israel settlement of Pisagot located adjacent to the Palestinian capital Ramallah. This visit to Pisagot has special significance because usually American diplomats refrained from visiting areas in Israel which were located in the captured territories.

President Trump broke the custom of his predecessors by recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. The Trump administration also recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights.  The Deal of the Century presented by the Trump administration proposed to give Israel to annex a third of the West Bank. Annexation was suspended when Bahrain and UAE agreed to normalize their relations with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority says that relations will be renewed with Israel including security cooperation with Israel. These relations were suspended six months ago when Israel revealed its intentions of annexation of the West Bank. Since the PA broke off contacts with Israel it refused to accept taxes which Israel accepted in its behalf which put Palestinians government officials under extreme financial pressures. Also the PA refused to accept any assistance from Israel in dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Israel airforce attacked eight targets in Syria.

The Palestinian Authority now is planning to begin a new start with relations between them and Israel in conjunction with the new president administration of Joe Biden. Trump cut off funds from America to the PA because they had supported the families of terrorists. Kamela Harris has publically declared that she intends to renew relations with the PA including to give them the financial support which President Trump suspended.

Israel located explosive devices which were placed in Israeli territories in the Golan. Engineering units neutralized these explosives. Israel placed blame on Syria for placing of these explosives in its territories. Benny Gantz the Defense Minister made public that the blame for placing these IED’s was on Syria.

Israel struck in the morning Iranian and Syrian targets in response to the placing of these explosives on its border. IDF warplanes attacked military targets belonging to the Iranian Qud force and the Syrian army. The strikes hit eight targets within Syria damaging military properties containing Iranian weaponry and several Iranians and Syrians were killed in the attack. The Northern Borders are on alert. The Iron Dome defense system has been employed in the North preparing for a potential attack from Syria and Iran in retaliation.

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