Israel Elections – A Picture of the World

  • There are two sides in politics which divide up into many coalitions
  • There are two sides in politics which divide up into many coalitions
  • God placed the Universal faith in the world to unite all the nations to reveal the secret of peace

Israel went to the polls Tuesday and still has not established a majority of 61 mandates. Likud and his right-side supporting parties reached a total of 59 mandates. The opposition parties to Netanyahu without the Arab parties have 50 mandates. The two Arab parties have 11 votes divided into two coalitions 6 Arab Unity party and 5 Arab democratic party. If the Arab party with five mandates will join in with Netanyahu, Likud will reach a majority of 64 mandates to become again Prime Minister. If the two Arab parties will join opposition to Netanyahu the Left will have 61 mandates. The Arab parties will decide if Israel will have a new government.

The Jewish people were slaves in Egypt and built these pyramids.

Israel a small country both in size kilometers and in a population of less than 10 million displays a picture of the world. This is not an accident because scriptures relate that in the small space of Israel is a diversity of regions, including mountains, deserts, tropical climate of cities located on the seashore and especially unique the city of Jerusalem built on a mountain. After the six-day war was added the Golan to Israel including Mount Hermon which has become a skiing resort.

Elections on Tuesday displays a cultural diversity between various factions of the nation which are represented by coalitions in the government. Israel is a coalition government combining all the various factions in a democracy. These factions relate a picture of the old world which has evolved into a New Age. The Modern State of Israel established in 1948 is a Jewish State. 3000 years ago in the land of Israel which is today divided between Israel and Palestine was established the Biblical Nation of Israel the history of their nation is the foundation of the Bible – The Old Testament. The Bible explains the origins of the Jewish people the lives of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob has twelve sons which inherited portions of the land of Israel when it was conquered and divided by Joshua the student of Moses.

In the bible is described aspects of the history of the redemption of the Jewish people from slavery to King Pharoah in Egypt which lasted 210 years. The Jewish slaves of Pharoah built in Egypt two storehouses which are today called the Pyramids tourist attractions of those visiting Egypt. Moses through miracles and wonders including Ten Plaques, and the splitting of the Red Sea brought the children of Israel out of Egypt to Mount Sinai. On Mount Sinai was revealed to the Jewish people the Ten Commandments. The Jewish people wandered in the wilderness of Sinai forty years before entering the land. Moses gave to the children of Israel the Torah, a scroll of history and laws to be for the Biblical Nation of Israel its constitution forever.

The Biblical nation of Israel was destroyed with its two holy temples in Jerusalem by the Babylonians and four hundred years later by the Romans. The Jewish people were scattered throughout the world but their Biblical culture was preserved by the sages of Israel in small Jewish communities throughout the diaspora. In Jewish history there were always religious leaders, religious observant families, and simple people farmers and peddlers uneducated in Bible culture. Assimilation of the religious ultra-orthodox culture following strictly the laws of Moses occurred almost immediately after the establishment of the Biblical Nation of Israel in its land, Jerusalem was the capital. Assimilation continued throughout the diaspora for a period of over two thousand years. Many Jews assimilated into other religions and joined the family of man.

The nations of Israel according to the law strictly was against reform movements. When the nation was conquered there was no way to prevent Jews from entering into reformed movements and new ideologies. The most dangerous of these new ideologies was Christianity which preached one family, the family of man under the leadership of Catholic priests claiming that Jesus was the Messiah. They preached a New Testament, a new law of World Unity. The Islamic nations which united under Mohammed refused to accept Judaic-Christian law and lived under another new law described in their holy scripture called the Koran. Judaism the first Monotheistic religions through the ages divided into three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, three cultures Christianity called the Universal Church, Islamic church and Judaism.

The people of the Modern Nation of Israel are a combination of these three ideologies. In Israel are almost two million Arabs following Islamic law. The Christian representation in Israel is visible in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth Christian cultural cities. Jews according the Jewish law and the law of the State of Israel are children who have been born by a Jewish mother. All Jews in Israel have one thing in common that they were born from a Jewish mother. The minds of Jews are divided about the meaning of Modern Zionism.

Mansour Abbas the leader of the R’AM arab party received five mandates which can give to Netanyahu the majority. Israel is waiting for his decision.

The secular factions of Modern Zionism are concerned almost completely about national security. Almost all the secular factions understand that Israel is a Jewish state and must maintain its Jewish identity. There is a difference of opinion between secular and religious concerning the importance of maintaining Jewish values. Israel a democratic state gives freedom to its people. The nations is divided into coalitions who have different opinions about the importance of freedom and democracy to the State of Israel.

The biblical state of Israel was a Jewish state without free rights to all its people. Christianity began a New Age with universal religious values in contrast to national religious Judaism. These universal religious values evolved into democracy, nations in the world that have accepted democracy. Israel is a one of these nations which has accepted democracy. Islamic states in the world have accepted democracy in various degrees to maintain their Islamic culture. Israel has accepted democracy but the coalitions within the government are divided on their emphasis on the importance of freedom and democracy. Democracy is secular but has its roots in Christianity and the Bible.

The most secular parties in Israel consider democracy more important than religion. These parties are willing to sacrifice the foundations of Judaism for the national security of the State. The importance of the Jewish identity of the State of Israel can be sacrificed for national security and freedom. The religious Zionist parties will not sacrifice the Jewish identity of the State. There is a difference of opinion about the meaning of Jewish Zionist State. To the Ultra-religious parties’ Jewish means Orthodox Judaism. The Orthodox parties are divided into Zionist Orthodox and Torah Orthodox in various degrees. Sephardic Orthodox who suffered most from the Spanish Inquisition are most against universal Christian values. Ashkenazi Orthodox are against universal Christian values because Judaism is a completely national Jewish doctrine. Zionist religious parties consider more the importance of the connection of the State of Israel to the Land of Israel. There are amongst them extreme religious Zionists and secular religious Zionists. The connection of religious Zionist parties to the Land of Israel is a problem for Netanyahu representing Likud a right central party.

National security is of first importance to every nation. Providing food, shelter, and health to the people of the nation is part of National security. Israel is defending its borders from its enemies. The people of Israel are living healthfully. They are ahead of the world in the war against Corona virus. The nation is divided on the importance of maintaining a Jewish state and the meaning of Jewish. A large majority of the nation consider that the connection to the state as Israeli does not necessarily mean Orthodox Jewish. Netanyahu is not Orthodox Jewish but Israeli. The left side of the state are Israelis even less than traditional Jewish. Some Israelis call themselves secular Zionists. Other Israelis consider themselves religious Zionists. Secular claims to be Universal but is liberal nationalism; Judaism is national. Ultra-Orthodox are against universal values, freedom and democracy. Families care first about the children of their family before everyone else. Nations care first about the people of their nation. Universal is the product of celibate priests that sacrifice having a family for God and peace. God placed the Universal Faith in his creation to unite all the nations secular and religious.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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