Israel Elections in Three Weeks – Iran Considered a Threat to Middle Eastern Normalization

  • Netanyahu has succeeded through vaccinations to bring down hospitalizations drastically
  • Israel ties with UAE are still growing
  • Iran has attempted acts of terrorism against Israel

Israel elections arriving in three weeks. Benjamin Netanyahu is counting on his success in vaccinating the nation which has brought down the number of hospitalizations below one thousand to 700 to bring to him additional mandates for him to continue to be Prime Minister. His opponents are still fighting against the popularity of Netanyahu from both sides the left and right. The only solid supporters of Netanyahu are his Likud friends and the religious parties. The other right parties Yamina led by Naftali Bennet and Gidyon Saar of New Hope party want to be Prime Minister. There is a much greater majority of mandates of right wing parties than left wing parties including the Arabs. For a right-wing party to join with the left side including the Arabs is doubtful.

Chassidic Purim gathering in Jerusalem.

The decision of the Supreme Court to allow Reformed and Conservative conversions in Israel gives power to the secular Zionists in the elections. Israelis are proud to be Jews but have become disenchanted with the Ultra-Orthodox parties who do not understand the needs of the secular world to accept changes in Jewish life. The opposition of Avigdor Lieberman of the Israel House party to the ultra-orthodox and their supporters continues to grow. Lieberman and his party once was part of the Likud right government. Lieberman is the most happy about the decision of the Supreme Court because he feels it discriminates against Russians Jews his supporters.

Netanyahu inspects oil damage done on Israel beach.

The bond between Israel and Arab nations through the Abraham Accords continues to grow. Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi greeted the first UAE envoy to Israel in an historic day for the Mideast. Mike Pompeo former Secretary of State of the United States remarked that he feels that Saudi Arabia will soon join the Abraham Accords. Iran is threat to Middle East peace. A strong Arab national bloc against Iran will give strength to President Biden to continue to oppose Iran. Iran shot a missile at an Israeli ship on the sea near Jordan damaging the vessel. Israel retaliated by an air attack on Iran in Syria. America has already twice confrontations with Iran in Iraq. Israel claims that a ship carrying Iranian oil deliberately spilled the oil on the coasts of Israel to be considered environmental terrorism.

Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox crowded the streets of Jerusalem on the Sunday the last day of Purim. The Ministry of Health attempted to put restrictions on these gatherings to no avail. Sunday when Purim was celebrated only in Jerusalem people from all over Israel were not able to enter the city from the outside because of blockades.  Netanyahu claims that lockdowns will no longer be necessary.

David Wexelman

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