Israel in the Center of the World for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • The holocaust is not only a Jewish tragedy but connected with the forty million lives lost in World War II.
  • The nations of the world can be united by freedom.
  • Those nations which do not accept democracy and freedom should not be allowed to produce weapons of destruction.

Israel this week is in the center of the world as it is receiving guests from nations of the world to join together on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The remembrance of the six million Jews that died in the holocaust is also connected to the remembrance of the forty million people that died in World War II. Technology has brought the whole world together. The goal of every human being is united with the memory of the six million; to prevent a third world war. World leaders arrive in Israel for the country’s biggest diplomatic event.

Macron arrives at Ben Gurion Airport.

The goal of World Peace and the right for each human being be live happily is a goal which everyone understands its importance. It can be called a Universal goal.  With the universal goal is included the Universal law of God. As the world and civilization has developed and there is the potential for the world to be destroyed in another World War including in it nuclear weapons and advanced technology. War becomes more dangerous than it was in the past.  People who love life and want to live understand today the importance of World Unity and Peace which is connected to International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  It is also understood that to achieve World Unity and Peace the whole world must work together to reach this goal to prevent a nuclear war.

Iran is known to be developing nuclear weapons which President Trump feels is a danger to America and the whole world. North Korea that is a separate sovereign nation detached from the Western world and democracy is also seen to be a threat to World Unity and Peace as long as they have nuclear weapons.  China a communist nation has nuclear weapons.  America, Russia and China are the three major powers in the world. There are other nations in the world that have nuclear weapons such as India, Pakistan, European nations, and possibly Israel. Nuclear power is being used by many nations which is one step away from the development of nuclear weapons.

The advances of technology to civilization from one side makes life more pleasant but on the other side has created a world dilemma which is a potential nuclear war. Population of the earth has grown substantially to approximately 7.8 billion people. To provide for this large population that the people should be able to live peacefully without poverty and hunger is needed advanced technology. The world is a macrocosm and man is a microcosm of the whole. Just like a human being eats, digests, excretes and egests wastes also the world produces products, uses these products for good living, and produces wastes which are sometimes but not always able to be recycled.  As a result there is air pollution, pollution of the waters, and global warming. A human being has a life span of up to 120 years, the life span of the earth and those that dwell upon her has also a limitation. Preventive medicine and conventional medicine works to extend the life span and improve everyday health. Ecologists, politicians, engineers, scientists, clergymen work to improve life and increase the years of the microcosm and the macrocosm. Science and technology are necessary to provide the needs of the population of the earth. It has also its other side to produce weapons of destruction.

The seats are set for the ceremonies.

The world the macrocosm is one whole, one world but it has to be divided up into nations, cities, villages, and families. Nations can exist alone or join together with other nations for the purpose of security and economic trust. Nations that exist alone may feel more independence if they can survive as a separate unit.  These nations may sometimes trespass on the body of nations united for the purpose of security and economic trust. As a result there is international law and national law. Each nation has its own national law. The body of nations are united by international law. The purpose of international law is to make the world secure economically and politically by creating trust between nations. A great nation like America which feels more independence than other nations may not honor international law when they feel it is not the American way. Therefore there has to be national law within international law. Nations in this way remain sovereign even though they are under the roof of international law. International law is man-made unlike Universal law which is part of the energy of creation.

There are in this way two priorities for each nation which are to unite the world in harmony with God, and to unite the people of their nation with their government and its constitution.  The constitution of each nation should have a place for both of these purposes world unity and national unity. The vessel for World Unity and Peace is freedom. International law should not intrude on the sovereignty of the nations of the world; at the same time these nations must be open to World Unity and Peace and international law. International law is for the sake of World Unity and Peace accepting the sovereignty of all the nations of the world who are part of the world. There are certain nations which will not accept freedom and democracy.  These nations cannot be part of World Unity. They can exist separate from the United Nations and international law but they cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons.  There are other restrictions which international law guarantees which are freedom of religion, and human rights.  Nations have the right to choose who are their citizens and are not required to have open borders. They create their own criterions. Their citizens can leave their country to live elsewhere, and are not prisoners.

Never Forget.

The State of Israel is the remainder of the biblical nation of Israel which was established under the Law of Moses. The religion of Israel is Judaism but the nation a democracy abides by international law accepting World Unity and Peace as one of its goals. The other goal of Israel is Jewish Unity which has been difficult for them after two elections without being able to make a government. The State of Israel is a model for other nations in the world which have evolved from the Biblical style of rule with a king or dictator. The future of Israel is of utmost importance for the development of World Unity and Peace. These other nations which are still ruled by dictators whether they are theocracy or classical dictators should abide by International law.  If not they cannot be allowed to be armed with nuclear weapons.

Israel is in the middle of the conflict between theocracy and democracy.  The future of Israel is important for World Unity and Peace. The world needs Israel a democratic state with a religious heritage. Almost all nations in the world were once dictatorships or monarchies. Slowly the world is changing over to democracy through accepting International law and the goal of World Unity and Peace. There is no place in the world for a nation which only considers itself and not the International world. This nation cannot have an army navy or air force and must be disarmed.

As long as Israel is a democratic nation it is part of the international world. Israel this week is entertaining diplomats throughout the world who are attending the International Holocaust Remembrance function in Jerusalem which is a symbol that Israel is part of the international world. There are goals written into the religion of the Jewish people which cannot be attained under the roof of international law. No one can predict the future but today these goals are unattainable without war.  There is no more a place for war to achieve national goals. These goals have to be achieved by peace. Israel has the right to exist as a democratic state and their rights should be protected by the International world. To reach these goals religion needs to separate from politics.

The enemies of Israel such as Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and Palestine do not abide by the true international law which is not the court in Haag. They have trespassed on international law by preaching the destruction of Israel.  Israel is part of the International World and has a right to freedom and security. The International world cannot take away the right of Israel to exist in peace. As a democracy Israel has the right to have an army, navy and air force. The have the right to defend their nation from aggression. The State of Israel is part of the world and its goals of World Peace and Harmony.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach sings songs of peace.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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