Israel Launches Its First Satellite to the Moon

  • The evils of technology stand in front of our eyes but we cannot begin to refrain from the use of technology to make our lives easier.
  • The satellite which Israel has shot up into the heavens called Bereishit the first word of the Bible is a symbol of the ascension into the heaven through doing good deeds in this world, and the discovery of perfect faith while alive in this world.
  • Connect with your spiritual leader who has for you a rescue plan.

On February 21, 2019 Israel launched its first rocket destination the moon. The space X Falcon rocket carrying Indonesian Space IL moon lander called Nasantara Satu built by California based aerospace company SSl for an Indonesian private telecommunication company. Also on the satellite is NASA lazer retroreflector, a device which requires no power that can be used for space to ground communication. The Israeli satellite is called Bereshit the first word in the Torah which means “in the beginning.” It is the first Israeli satellite the first in the beginning of further development of satellites. If the mission will be successful to land on the moon Israel will be the smallest of the four nations to build Satellites to land on the moon with USA, China and Russia. On the satellite will not only be the laser retroreflector but also a digital based library including the Hebrew Bible. The project was privately funded by a Jewish philanthropist.

Israel is a nation where is united the old and the new. Israel and the Jewish people have a rich heritage connected to the Bible the Old Testament containing 24 volumes of literature including prophets, and writings like Ecclesiastes, proverbs and Songs of King Solomon, and Psalms of King David. These ancient works are included in the Christian Bible. Mankind has always been interested in the heavens, the stars and planets and space exploration has become one of the endeavors of scientists. Satellites orbiting the earth are being utilized in telecommunications. GPS uses satellite telecommunications. Like all technology it has its good and bad, its peaceful benefits and applications in war. For this reason the Amish are still way behind the rest of the world being very careful about using technology when it is not necessary. Chassidic Jews refrain from using internet and television but are not as extreme as the Amish.

The Bible tells the story of Adam and Eve who were tricked to eat from the tree of knowledge by the snake, their eyes were opened and they hid themselves in shame from God. They saw that from the tree of knowledge and the human mind in the future would be opened up technologies to the world including the atom bomb. Adam saw the potential within the human intellect to create and destroy. There is a good reason why the Amish are so careful about using technology since they read and study the bible. God took man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to work it and to watch over it. From the rib of man was made the woman to be for him a helper. They had the responsibility for the future of the world and mankind.

The mind of Adam and Eve were opened. Naturally they looked to make their lives easier. They discovered using their intellects ways to improve their lives and make their lives easier. Technology makes life easier. Instead of washing clothing by hand like did our ancestors, we place the wash into a washing machine and without any effort the clothes are cleaned in a short time. It is a Jewish custom at the exit of the Sabbath to make a blessing on a fire. After the first Sabbath Adam discovered fire by rubbing two stones together. Scientists believe that making a fire and the controlled use of fire was one of the earliest discoveries of man. Jews on the Sabbath are forbidden to light a fire. Lighting a fire and extinguishing a fire is one of 39 forbidden works on the Sabbath. An observant Jew will not turn on electric on the Sabbath. Fire, electric and all technology have their benefits in peaceful life and their applications in war. A Jew is permitted to use technology. The Sabbath is a reminder to a Jew that Adam ate from the tree of knowledge which opened up his mind to technology for good and bad.

Except for the Amish there are very few people in the world who refrain from the use of technology, Israel has today launched its first rocket to the moon. In the secular world of science it is considered to be a great accomplishment for Israel. Israel is very advanced in technology in other ways including developing weapons and anti-missile systems. America and Russia have broken their nuclear peace agreements. Each one now is determined to be the leader in the technologies of mass destruction. China has also advanced weapon research. The evils of technology stand in front of our eyes but we cannot begin to refrain from the use of technology to make our lives easier. The plan to make easier our lives backfires when the other side of technology brings us closer to destruction. It all began with the invention of the use of fire. We build a fireplace to make our houses warm. The fire goes out of control and destroys the world.

The world was given to man as a gift to work it and watch over it. People that love life try their best to make life better. The dangers which come with living and enjoying life do not come intentionally. God gave to man his powers of intellect to use also for improving material life and also for working to build his temple of worship in this world. The gift of God has no conditions but there are responsibilities that each person must consider which are the welfare of the next person as well as his own welfare. The ethics of the fathers from the school of Hillel teaches, If I will not be for myself, who will be for me. But if I will only be for myself what am I. There is a place in life to put guidelines on the use of technology. Jews do it symbolically when they refrain from using technologies on the Sabbath. The Amish even more so restrict the use of technology.

The youth today have become addicted to telephones. They are using their telephones at home and in the streets when they used to read books and be more introspective. The technology of Smartphones and IPhones are considered by some not to be healthy for youth of today. It is very difficult to tell children not to have a Smartphone. The religious Jewish almost completely restrict their children from using Smartphones. Adults need them for work not only for entertainment. The proper use of technology for human use is a challenge for each person. Taking the car for a short ride to the supermarket instead of a healthy work is an example of misuse.

Israel has proudly launched a satellite to the moon. The spiritual worlds are divided between heaven and earth. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The earth is the natural world and the heavens are the supernatural worlds. The earth was given to Adam to work it and to watch over it. It was given to them to be fruitful and multiply. We have built a family on earth of 7.7 billion people. Reaching these numbers did not come easily. There have been wars and plagues which have wiped out millions of people. It is a great accomplishment to build the earth and the work has not yet ended. Destruction threatens the world but people want to live and have the desire to improve life conditions. However the time is growing closer to reach the point where is needed an emergency rescue for all of mankind. The Bible points to the year six thousand as the time for the rescue mission. Today we are in the year 5777 of the Hebrew Calendar. Maybe by then it will be possible to transfer people to the moon or other planets. Maybe they can find refuge in other ways. The satellite which Israel has shot up into the heavens called Bereishit the first word of the Bible is a symbol of the ascension into the heaven through doing good deeds in this world, and the discovery of perfect faith while alive in this world.

God did not wait to bring Rescue to mankind until the year 6000. The ways of rescue have already been given to mankind through the prophets. The first of these prophets was Moses and the Jewish people were chosen to bring into the world the Law of God. The Jewish people made their home in the world in the land of Israel and established their House of God in Jerusalem. In the law they have been commanded to wait for the messiah and the resurrection and be firm observing the laws and commandments of their religion until the end of time. The place of the Jewish religion is on earth in the holy land of Israel. The Messiah arrived shortly after the destruction of the holy temple in Israel and many people were rescued by him. The religion of Islam came shortly afterward to give large populations in the world a way of rescue. These religions came from Moses and Judaism. The world is compared to a ship similar to the ship that Noah built to save his family. The commander and chief of this ship which is in the world is the leader of the Jewish people. The Jewish people have been told not to desert the ship and remain on the ship with their master and leader until the whole world will be saved and rescued. The Lubavitcher Rebbe in his last addresses to the world cried out for the world to be rescued that the Messiah should be their salvation. Six million Jews were killed in World War II and over forty million people. God called the Jewish people Stiff Necked. They will be the last to desert the ship and accept the Messiah. The Messiah is symbolically the satellite of Israel rescue Space X falcon rocket. You don’t have to wait for the Jews to accept the Messiah because they have been commanded not to desert the ship, the earth and ascend into heaven with the Messiah. The commander of the ship has given his instructions what to expect and the way of rescue is available for those that need it. We use technology in this world and enjoy it. In our minds is the root of destruction. Connect with your spiritual leader who has for you a rescue plan. Don’t wait first for the Jews to desert the ship; they have a special purpose in creation. In world faith all the nations and religions work together. No one will be left behind in the end. We will all be saved.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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