Israel Makes Peace With Bahrain

  • UAE and Bahrain will sign peace agreement with Israel in Washington
  • Saudi Arabia has given green light on peace deal
  • Abbas and Hamas still refuse to compromise on Palestinian State

Following an agreement with UAE, a peace treaty with another Arab country Bahrain is a new step in a cherished dream of Israel and America to win recognition of the Jewish State of Israel without having to complete negotiations for the two state solution which has been most difficult considering the objection of the Palestinians to any type of compromise.

Netanyahu with Al-Sisi of Egypt

Bahrain announced Friday it would become the latest Arab country to recognize Israel, a triumph both for the Jewish State of Israel and President Trump who is running for second term as President in November. The announcement was made by President Trump on September 11 the day in which Islamic terrorists bombed the twin towers buildings in New York.

The peace between Israel and these Arab nations is a step away from Islamic terrorism which has been a problem both for Israel and America. It is also a hard blow on Iran and their supporters in the Middle East who are preaching the destruction of the State of Israel.

The Palestinians Authority and Hamas object vehemently to any peace agreements with Israel until is settled their border dispute and is returned all the territories captured in the Six Day War.

Bahrain insists that their agreement is the best way of insuring rights of the Palestinians. The agreement came before Israel could go ahead with annexation of parts of Judah and Samaria according to the Deal of the Century presented by President Trump and his assistant Jared Kushner.

Israel had cancelled annexation when forming their unified coalition government which was less conservative than Likud alone joining with Benny Gantz and Amir Peretz who are liberal democrats. Likud in the previous elections was aligned with the right wing religious Zionist party Yamina which called for immediate annexation of the West Bank, Judah, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.

Abbas denounces Deal of Century.

European pressures and pressures from Egypt and Jordan delayed the annexation. The new unified government excluded the Right religious Zionist party Yamina on the side of the opposition with left extreme anti-religious parties, and Avigdor Lieberman of the Israel House Russian Immigrant supported party.  Netanyahu in this way was able to go ahead with negotiations with UAE and Bahrain through delaying annexation.

The move to establish relations with Israel could not have happened without a Saudi Arabia green light. Bahrain and UAE are Gulf allies of Saudi Arabia. For sure the agreements required the silent endorsement of Saudi. Saudi and Iran are at war in Yemen.

Saudi needs the support of America to stabilize the Gulf to prevent Iran from spreading out further than Yemen like it is spreading out in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The peace efforts are strategic for these Sunni Gulf nations which have been at war with the Shiite Iran regime in the past. In this way they have bi-passed the need for finishing the two State Solution between Israel and the Palestinians.

Netanyahu has left for Washington for signing of the historic peace deal with UAE and Bahrain.

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