Israel News – Elections in 2 Weeks

  • After vaccinating the majority of Israelis infections, hospitalizations have decreased drastically.
  • Israelis are enjoying normal life after a year of lockdowns.
  • The election race for Prime Minister is close, Netanyahu may not win.

Israel celebrates that it has vaccinated with at least one shot of Pfizer vaccine 5 million Israelis which is half of the population. After a lockdown for several weeks, the economy has been opened. For the first time in many months people are sitting and eating in restaurants, going to swimming pools, shopping in malls and children have returned to school.

Yahya Sinwar won elections as Gaza leader.

Israel has won international plaudits for moving quickly to vaccinate its population. Israel is planning to share surplus of its vaccines with poorer nations in Africa and is working together with Denmark and Austria in research and roll-out of vaccines. Israel is set to vaccinate 100,000 Palestinian laborers working inside of Israel with Moderna vaccine. Some 100,000 laborers come in from the West Bank and work in Israel.

After an election stand-off, Hamas has reelected Yahya Sinwar as Gaza leader. Sinwar was elected in 2017. This was a second run-off election after in the first elections neither opponents received a sufficient number of votes. It was a neck and neck race for the position.

Netanyahu will be going tomorrow to visit UAE for the first time. He will fly to Dubai on Thursday meet with the Crown Prince in his historic visit to the Arab Gulf. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Monday that he saw Israel control of the Golan Heights as being of real importance to Israel security but was circumspect about recognizing Israel sovereignty of the region. Netanyahu in reply to his remarks said the Golan Heights will always belong to Israel.

Refugee problem in Syria still has no solution.

Attention is drawn to Israel and the world about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. With 400,000 dead and 11 million people displaced Assad is still in power offering no credible prospects of reconciliation and change for the Syrian people. Beginning in 2011 uprisings in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt spread over to Syria. Demonstrations in Syria had been banned for a half of century and the government of Syria seemed more entrenched than other governments in the Middle East. This became the largest induced conflict since World War II. The fighting in Syria has brought into its borders Turkey, Iran, Hezbollah from Lebanon and Russia. The future for Syria has become a world problem. Latest news is that Assad and his first lady have contact Coronavirus.

Elections are coming in two weeks. Polls show that Netanyahu may not be able to reach the required number of mandates which may demand a fifth elections. Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid party is leading the left side of the government. The right is divided between Netanyahu, Naftali Bennet and Gidyon Saar. The religious parties are aligned with Netanyahu especially after the Supreme Court has given permission to the reformed and conservative rabbinate to make conversions.

David Wexelman

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