Israel News – No Government

  • Netanyahu has failed to make a new government.
  • Tensions between Israel and Iran grow.
  • Israel continues on a peace mission with its neighbors.

Netanyahu was given 28 days to attempt to make a government with him as Prime Minister. The time is running out. The reason for the difficulties is that many of the members of the Knesset who were once loyal to Likud and Netanyahu have dropped out of the right-wing government with Netanyahu as Prime Minister.

Covid patients in New Delhi hospital in India. Israel is afraid of the new India variant.

Netanyahu is now left with 52 loyal members from right wing parties nine short of the majority mandates of 61. His attempts to re-unite his loyal supporters have failed. With the right-wing side of Likud which is central-right is extreme right-wing Zionist led by Betzalel Smoterich with five mandates. There was a possibility of a minority Arab party RAM with five votes joining Likud which failed because of the extreme right Zionist party’s opposition. The Arab party also does not wish to join Likud which includes them.

Israel has succeeded to reach Herd Immunity through vaccinations. Israel life has almost returned to normalcy. There is still fear over allowing tourists to enter the country from abroad. Tourist trade is a big part of the Israel economy. Israel will be issuing travel warning for people arriving from 8 virus countries including Brazil, Mexico, India, Turkey, Ethiopia and Ukraine. The fear is about news variants which may be more problematic than those variants which there is immunity already with the vaccinations. For tourists from these countries will be required compulsory isolation.

Bezalel Smoterich leader of the Israel right extreme Zionist party.

Although internal dangers from Covid have been improved, there is still great fear over Iran reaching nuclear abilities. An electrical fire occurred two weeks ago at Natanz nuclear plant in Iran which has been connected to a bomb placed in their facility by Israel intelligence. Several navy ships from both countries have been attacked in neutral waters raising fears about a naval military conflict. Iran continues with Nuclear enrichment.

The US and Europe are working on reviving the nuclear deal made during the Obama administration which was cancelled by Trump. Iran has gone way beyond the restrictions in this nuclear deal.

Israel continues in the direction of making peace with its Arab neighbors. During the Trump administration peace initiatives succeeded to bring together Israel with UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan. Sudan repealed an Israel boycott law that banned economic and diplomatic ties between the two countries. Like the other nations which have established diplomatic ties with Israel they still support a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. These measures taken by Sudan will now allow Sudan to do business with Israel. Sudanese will be allowed to visit their relatives living in Israel. There are at least 6,000 Sudanese living in Israel today.

David Wexelman

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