Israel News of the Week – Elections Coming Closer

  • Neither the Left or Right have a majority.
  • It all depends again on Lieberman and what he requests to enter their government.
  • Israel is in a period of mourning for the destruction of the holy temple.

The Greek Orthodox Church filed a new law suit against the Ateret Cohanim settler organization who claim ownership of three properties in the Arab Old City.  The purchased two Palestinian run hotels located near the Jaffa Gate and another building near the Herod gate. The Patriarchate claims that these places are part of the church heritage and only they can authorize their sale.

The Israel Democracy Institute poll shows that Netanyahu is doing a good job on Security and foreign relations but less than one quarter score him high on social inequity which many people in Israel believe to be also a priority.

Israel is working on technology for a radiation vaccine to be used by soldiers in the event of nuclear radiation. America has already become interested in it for their soldiers stationed in places where there is danger of nuclear radiation.

Israel, a leader in high-tech, is sticking to its use of semi-automated armored vehicles to cocoon its troops in battle.  They have a new IDF prototype tank with artificial intelligence and smart screens fed by external cameras and sensors. They say they are in no hurry to go completely robotic.

The State has approved the building of 2,304 homes in settlements in Gush Etzion, Judah and Samaria.  This was great news for Gush Etzion Regional Council head, Shlomo Neeman. On the other side of political Peace Now leftists they see this decision as destructive to prevent a peace initiative and two state solution.

Israel’s Amos satellite was launched successfully from Cape Canaveral Florida. It is planned to provide continuous communications for the Middle East, Europe and Africa. It was launched on an American SpaceX launcher.

A 19 year old Israeli soldier was stabbed to death in an attempted kidnapping.  His body was found near Kibbutz Migdal Oz on the west bank. He was not in army uniform at the time of the attack maybe hitchhiking which can be dangerous in the territories. A tremendous man-hunt is being made by Israel armed forces to locate the murderer.

Avigdor Lieberman (5 July 1958) is a Soviet-born Israeli politician who served as the Defense Minister of Israel; on 14 November 2018 Lieberman announced he was handing in his resignation due to a ceasefire versus Gaza which Lieberman said was “surrendering to terror.” He served as Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2012, and again from 2013 to 2015. He has also served as member of the Knesset and as Deputy Prime Minister of Israel.

The elections are approaching and there are battles going on between the Religious parties and their opposition.

The Blue-White Party under the leadership of Benny Gantz has second in command Yair Lapid who is constantly attacking Charedi Religious for their lack of loyalty to the government. He was once the Minister of Finance when cutbacks of social help for large families was made affecting the Orthodox and Arab population.

In this election the left side is more united with three strong parties Blue-White, Avoda led by former Prime Minister Amir Peretz, and Meretz far-left with the support of Ehud Barak.  Even the Arabs are more united in this election.  Their two parties have merged into one Arab party.

Likud is strong but cannot stand alone without the religious parties. The religious parties especially Aguda have given their allegiance to Netanyahu. The leader of the Aguda Party Israel Lipschitz said that he won’t go with anyone else but Netanyahu and he doesn’t care if there will have to be elections again.

There is a chance that the Left will go in together with the Arab Party.  The Arab party has a potential to make up to 8 mandates. In the last election there was a very small turn-out but by making a unified Arab Party it may change the story. There is a precedence not to take the Arab party into the government because of security reasons. It was done by Rabin in order to make the Oslo accords in 1993 which turned out to be disastrous and caused his assassination.

Avigdor Lieberman has changed colors after refusing to join Netanyahu to make the government. This was the first time he opposed the Orthodox parties refusing to make with them a government. Lieberman is right secular and will not go into a government with the Arabs and also will not sign for a two state solution. Neither the Left or Right have a majority. It all depends again on Lieberman and what he requests to enter their government.

Israel is in a period of mourning for the destruction of the holy temple. On August 12 is a fast day ending this period of mourning.

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