Israel News: Trump and Pence Defend Israel From All Imminent Threats

  • President Trump and Michael Pence defended Israel for their attack on Syria and Lebanon.
  • There will be no peace plan before the September 17 Israel elections.
  • Israel Judo champion Saki Muki won the Gold medal at the World Championship in Tokyo.

Two Israeli drones fell on Beirut the same night in which Israel attacked Iranian and Syrian weapon depots near Demascus.  One of the drones exploded near a Hezbollah weapons factory.  Hezbollah said they were both armed with explosives. Hassan Nasrallah has pledged to take revenge for this attack in the near future but has also said that he is not looking for an all-out war. Israel is taking him seriously and has moved soldiers into strategic locations in the North.

A few days after the attack on Lebanon it was revealed that the target for these two Israeli drones were places where Hezbollah was storing machinery to mix high grade propellants for advance weapons.

Qatar has been allowed by Israel to distribute funds to Gaza beneficiaries delivering millions of dollars to the Gaza Strip.  This is the seventh time this year that they have made these distributions.

President Trump and Vice President Pence both made statement that they stand behind Israel in their right to defend themselves connected with the attack on Syria and the two drones that fell in Lebanon. President Trump tweeted, “Had a great conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu this morning. The United States fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself from imminent threats. America will always stand with Israel.”

An unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), also known as a combat drone or simply a drone, is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that usually carries aircraft ordnance such as missiles and is used for drone strikes. These drones are usually under real-time human control, with varying levels of autonomy.

Amid tensions on five fronts, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Benny Gantz his major opponent in the oncoming elections to meet with him on matters of Israel security. Gantz, from the Blue-White party, is his closest rival and was also in charge of the military. The five fronts are Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, West Bank and Iraq.

Two people were found dead and another wounded in connection to a motorcycle blast while traveling through Gaza.  Israel which had in the past made targeted attacks did not take blame for this explosion. The Palestinians blame Israel. The IDF bombed two positions in Gaza in response to the three missiles which were shot at the city of Sederot when 4000 residents were celebrating a summer vacation concert in a stadium.  The people were struck with horror without having a place to hide in cover from the danger of the missiles exploding nearby.  The people ran for cover while the Iron Dome defense system prevented them from falling in populated areas.  No one was hurt but many people suffered shock.

There will be no peace plan before the September 17 Israel elections. This news came after President Trump had stated that the peace plan may be published before this date. It is called the “Deal of the Century” and most people are pessimistic that it will succeed.  The Palestinians have already showed their disinterest in any negotiations and refused to attend the meeting in Bahrain. In Israel there is also opposition from the right religious party and from the Jewish House Party of Avigdor Lieberman.

Avigdor Lieberman is pressuring Likud officials about ousting Netanyahu after elections. He has spoken to several key figures in the Likud Party.  Netanyahu’s response to these remarks was: Only I can navigate Trump and Putin.

The Israel media has attacked on many occasions the Right Religious Zionist party members. Rafi Peretz who was in charge of the party gave over his position to Ayalet Shaked the former minister of justice. Netanyahu has in a few cases publically disagreed with their statements which he felt would injure his position in Likud and cause him to lose votes. Israel has disqualified members of the Otzma party for making statements which were extreme and against the law. Feiglin from the Zehut party which was to run separately now has agreed to join Likud in the elections. Part of the agreement between Feiglin and Netanyahu was that Likud would support legalization of marijuana.

Israel Judo champion Saki Muki won the Gold medal at the World Championship in Tokyo. He has beaten his opponents in less than 25 seconds which is spectacular. This is the first time that an Israeli has received this honor.

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