Israel Politics and Religion: Trump is Happy with Netanyahu

  • President Trump was very happy that Netanyahu succeeded to win the elections but is disgusted with Israel that they have not given him their support to form a new government.
  • Israel needs national security both in defense against its enemies abroad and in those nations surrounding Israel and internally through a government with the support of the people.
  • Religious governments do not necessarily have to be dictatorships as they have been in the past.

President Trump was very happy that Netanyahu succeeded to win the elections but is disgusted with Israel that they have not given him their support to form a new government.  President Trump before elections gave support to Netanyahu that Israel needed to be a strong nation with a strong leader who is Netanyahu.

Israel without a government continues but it is limited to makes new laws and political decisions.  It needs the support of America during these difficult times when tensions rise in the North between Israel, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria.

Israel needs national security both in defense against its enemies abroad and in those nations surrounding Israel and internally through a government with the support of the people.  Economically Israel is doing fine as a growing industrial nation rated in the top eight nations of the world with USA, Russia, China, India, Germany, Japan, Iran, Israel.   With the help of America it can survive militarily.  America is helping Israel because Israel is a democracy with a strategic location in the Middle East. Trump has strengthened the alliance between America and Israel through moving the Embassy to Jerusalem and supporting the annexation of the Golan.

Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 girls are studying in University their dress is similar to Israeli girls today not according to Islamic and Jewish law.

Israel has conflicts from within between right wing parties and leftist liberals.  America also has these conflicts between Conservative Republican and Liberal democrats but it is based strictly on religious values. In Israel these conflicts are based on religious values which make them more difficult.  The government is a coalition government not like the USA.  Obama was elected as President for two terms.  Trump has taken office with many differences with the Obama administration.  America voted for Trump and he took office.  He still has to deal with the Senate and Congress but his position is temporarily firm until 2020. In Israel there is no election for Prime Minister but his appointment depends on him making a coalition with a majority of mandates from other parties. Likud the party of Netanyahu is called Right like Republican is called Right in America.  The Likud is a secular right wing party. Likud on the right side of the government is more open to join with the religious parties from the standpoint of acceptance of religion.  These religious parties are divided into three parts Ashkenazi Ultra Orthodox, Sephardic Orthodox, Right Wing Religious Orthodox. Together they give Netanyahu almost a majority which is 61 mandates.

There is also a secular right wing party under the leadership of Avigdor Lieberman which received five mandates.  In Israel there are over a million Russian immigrants.  Avigdor Lieberman is also a Russian immigrant who primarily represents their interests.  Not all the Russian immigrants are considered to be Jewish under Jewish law.  In Russia a Jew is a Russian citizen who is born from a Jewish father.  In Jewish law a Jew is born from a Jewish mother.  Israel accepts Russians who are born from a Jewish father who are classified Jewish in Russia as legal immigrants, but they are not considered to be officially Jewish by the Jewish courts which officiates over marriage and divorce.  Lieberman supports democracy and is against Jewish law. Netanyahu also supports democracy but his party needs the Religious parties who follow their religion which endorses a government far from democratic.  A representative in the Likud government from the Religious Right party which has five mandates recently spoke outwardly that he wants Israel to become again a religious dictatorship.  He also wants the position in the government of Netanyahu in charge of the ministry of justice. Netanyahu after hearing these remarks outwardly stated that he doesn’t want him.  The religious right have already taken a strong hold over parts of the territories in Judah and Shomron which are in negotiations in the two state solution in the proposal of the Trump Administration.  Avigdor Lieberman and his party are against right wing religious and against Islamic religious.

Right wing religious are not against draft of religious Yeshiva students.  Their institutions and schools have accepted military duty.  The Ultra-Orthodox Aguda party vehemently are against military duty for their children which was once part of an agreement with Ben Gurion when the nation was established.  Drafting the Yeshiva students they claim is breaking the Status-Quo. There are other issues of conflict including desecration of the Sabbath, immodest dress, abortion laws, gay parades, and laws of conversion.

On the left side of the government is the Arabs.  To include the Arabs in the coalition government giving them power making decisions especially on defense is considered a danger to Israel security.  The Far Left party is completely against religion and for human rights equality between all citizens without considering Jewish law at all.  The other part of the Left Blue -White which received an equal number of mandates as Netanyahu are for democracy styled after America with Liberty and justice for all but maintaining Israel as a Jewish State.  Before Netanyahu the government was sometimes Left and sometimes right. Menachem Begin was Likud. Ehud Barak and Yitchok Rabin labor.

As the religious community in Israel grows their power at the polls grow with them.  The Left and Right secular fear the pressures of Israel becoming a religious state like Iran.  America does not want Israel to become a religious state.  The religious cannot avoid jumping on the opportunity to make Israel a religious state because their parties are based upon a religious Jewish doctrine which demands a religious Jewish State.

Netanyahu will try again to make a government and he may not succeed.  The left parties will not have enough mandates without Likud.  Netanyahu warned the religious parties before calling for new elections that there is the possibility that the government will be worse for the religious even than it would have been with Avigdor Lieberman included in it.  Then all the religious parties will be on the side of the opposition.  President Trump will not accept Israel to be without a government again after the next elections.  Netanyahu will be forced to make a government for better or for worse.

The nation of Israel stems from Biblical times when there was a kingship in Israel and a holy temple in Jerusalem.  Jewish law is based upon the laws and commandments under which the Jewish people lived almost three thousand years ago. The religious consider going back to a government of Halacha Jewish law like in Biblical times going forward.  Iran under the Shah the people lived in a similar secular environment like the State of Israel today.  Khomeini in the Islamic Revolution of 1979 turned the clock backward in forming an Islamic State.  As a result Iran has been confronted from opposition from the west especially America a danger to their national security. The Israel religious bloc would also like to change their government to become a Religious national state.  Netanyahu has to choose between National Security a future for the State of Israel in modern times or a share in the afterlife a reward for defending Jewish religious values in this world.

Religious governments do not necessarily have to be dictatorships as they have been in the past. A religious dictatorship is a closed nation to the free world.  The nation is judged by the laws of it religion; and to not accept these laws is considered treason.  The biblical state of Israel was this type of monarchy.  Islamic and Jewish fundamentalists consider freedom against religion and God.  It is a good excuse for them to manipulate the minds of the people to maintain control of the lives of the people of their nation. Progressive Jewish Spirituality and the Bhai Faith are for religious freedom and religion together.  However in Progressive Jewish Spirituality and Bhai there is not a demand for strict observance of religion like in Orthodox Judaism and Islam. For example: A man may have a girl friend called a concubine before marriage.  If he feels they are compatible to marry and make a family it is his decision.  If not, he can look for another woman without having to go through divorce proceedings. The stringencies of religion Judaism, Islam or even Orthodox Catholic or Protestant are ways of keeping their constituents separate groups.  The more religious fundamental the more separate, the more Jewish, the more Islamic, strictly Jewish, strictly Islamic, strictly Catholic.

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