Israel Politics – Deadline Date November 20 for Benny Gantz

  • There is opposition even in the party Blue-White to making a coalition with the Arab Unity Party.
  • The major problem in Israel politics is that there is no direct vote for Prime Minister.
  • If there was a direct vote most polls say that Netanyahu would win the election for Prime Minister over Benny Gantz.

Benjamin Netanyahu surrendered his mandate when he was unable to put together a government with him as Prime Minister. Benny Gantz received the mandate for 28 days without permission for an extension like was given to Netanyahu. The deadline date is November 20.

Benny Gantz has met with the United Arab Party who have 13 seats in the Knesset in case they are included in his new government. The Gantz Blue-White party received 33 seats, Labor-Gesher 6, Dem Union 5 for a total of 57 mandates.  They are four short of forming a narrow government of 61 mandates. This narrow government will have a strong Arab influence on defense and economics which may be dangerous.

Avigdor Lieberman can be blamed for causing third elections again.

Once again Avigdor Lieberman representing the Israel House Party which has always been loyal to Netanyahu with 8 mandates can complete the required 61 mandates making Benny Gantz Prime Minister. Lieberman has threatened Likud that if they will refuse to join in with Blue-White that he will accept the Arab parties and make a government.

Lieberman prefers a united government even to include the religious parties with the Arab parties but Netanyahu would then be surrendering his Right Bloc to the left side.  Lieberman does not want another election. The choice he leaves up to Netanyahu to make a united government. Many of the right parties do not object to a third election but Lieberman has his hand on the trigger to power play in the game of politics.

Netanyahu has blamed Blue-White for preventing him from making a government with him as Prime Minister. Blue-White and Avigdor Lieberman blame Netanyahu. There is no doubt that Avigdor Lieberman wants a united government. Blue-White Benny Gantz is calling for Likud to join his ranks.  In the ranks of Benny Gantz are members who are against the Orthodox religious parties.

Yitzhak Rabin made a government with the Arab party and was assasinated by religious extremists.

A poll was conducted and 52% of voters for Blue-White are in favor of a coalition with the Arab party.  Saturday night was the anniversary date of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.  The same elements connected with his assassination still exist in Israel, the ultra-right religious Zionists. In Samaria there have been violent demonstrations of Jewish settlers protesting surrendering of land to the Arabs. They have built illegally a new settlement near Yitzhak village a Jewish settlement which has been the location of clashes between police and settlers and Arabs and settlers. This new settlement, in which lives only seven families, is the center of opposition to any future plans of Israel to surrender sacred land.

Netanyahu appointed Naftali Bennet a member of the religious Zionist party as Defense Minister. Netanyahu had filled this role after ousting Avigdor Lieberman. Most Israelis are against this appointment especially the voters for Blue-White. Bennet has in the past mentioned full scale military action against Hamas in Gaza which Netanyahu vetoed. Now that he has been appointed as Defense Minister, he no longer wants full scale military action.

The popularity of Avigdor Lieberman is growing now that he insists on making a united government. He may lose most of his support if he joins Blue-White without Likud. Most of his supporters are secular Zionists against surrendering territories. If there is a third election Lieberman will lose drastically his support.

The major problem in Israel politics is that there is no direct vote for Prime Minister. If there was a direct vote most polls say that Netanyahu would win the election for Prime Minister over Benny Gantz.

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