Israel Reinforces Lebanon Border After Threats From Hezbollah

  • Israelis are demonstration against Netanyahu.
  • The IDF is reinforcing its Northern Border with Lebanon in fear of an attack by Hezbollah.
  • Various suspicious fires occurred in Iran including one explosion in its nuclear plant.

On Monday was reported that Israel had attacked Iranian positions in Syria near Demascus killing several Syrian and Iranian warriors including a member of Hezbollah. Syrian air defense was successful in knocking down several Israeli missiles but the missile attack was successful to destroy weapon storehouses in Syria which were intended to ship to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syrian newspapers said that Hezbollah will retaliate for the group’s fighter being killed in the attack. Nasrollah had already warned Israel that if they would harm their soldiers in Syria they will face retaliation. Israel replied to Nasrollah that his fighter was killed by accident.

Nuclear plant in Nananz Iran was damaged by an explosion.

The Israel Infantry said Thursday that it was reinforcing their troops at the border of Lebanon. The main danger is that Hezbollah will try again to infiltrate Israel through breaking through the border fence.  At the border of Israel and Lebanon several settlements which Israel is worried that their safety in case of a successful attack by their enemy.

Hezbollah told London based Muslim newspaper that there was a decision to retaliate for the killing of their warrior. Several months ago Hezbollah in retaliation for the murder of one of their warriors in Syria where they shot a missile at Israel forces at the border. Israel staged a phony injury to one of its soldiers to avoid a war with Hezbollah.

There have been several fires and explosions in Iran, the most significant was the explosion which caused damage to the nuclear plant in Natanz. First there was a forest fire. Then a fire at a missile factory. Then the highly restricted underground nuclear enrichment facility. After was a fire at a power station. Then was a fire at the port, a health clinic and a petroleum plant. The cause of these fires has still not been determined. There is the possibility that it came from poor management of infrastructure as a result of its deteriorating economy and the pressures of Corona Pandemic.

Syrian air defense reacts to Israel missile attack on Iranian locations near Demascus.

There is talk that these fires were created by American – Israel cyber warfare. Neither Israel or America have taken responsibility. So far no one can point their finger at the one that caused these mysterious events.

There have been violent demonstrations in Israel blaming Netanyahu for negligence in handling the Corona Virus Pandemic. In one day was reported 1,892 new cases of corona and there are 304 people in serious condition.

There has been some friction between Gantz and Netanyahu which may threaten the government to break up and cause new elections. Israelis are struggling financially because of the health crisis.

To appease the public the government has decided to give a stimulus sum of money for almost all Israelis which will be deposited in their bank accounts. A family may receive as much as 3000 shekels, and each citizen 750 shekels or more. Netanyahu does not want a complete shutdown and is trying to keep businesses open amidst the spike in Corona infections. Some say that they opened too early.

Many Israeli refuse to accept Corona as a dangerous virus and would rather get sick and recovery rather than be forced again to quarantine. Up to now the orders from the Ministry of Health are to wear masks, social distance and wash hands. Israel is providing Hotels throughout the country for people who tested positive that they should not infect other people.

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