Israel Roundup: Deals Commence, Protests Continue

  • Israel is worried over a proposed Iranian – China deal.
  • Israel is torn between good relations with China and America.
  • Iran is Israel’s number-one enemy.

A proposed agreement between Iran and China would lead to a closer military relationship between the two countries, including joint military exercises, research and weapon development. It would increase Chinese investments in Iranian banking, telecommunications, and transportation.

Iran and China discuss a new proposal.

China also has investments in Israel. A Chinese company purchased Tnuva, Israel’s largest producer of milk products. China has invested in the port of the city of Ashdod, and also in the railway in Tel Aviv. China is one of the contributors in the Israeli economy, with an estimated investment of $15.3 billion.

Recently, they wanted to buy into the port of Haifa, and were stopped because of cross interests with America, who are using the harbor for their ships. The decision of China to make this proposed agreement with Iran conflicts with Israel’s relationship with China, which is also today causing a conflict between the USA and Israel.

Iran is offering China oil, which is much needed, even though America is still imposing sanctions on Iranian trade. The conflicts of this proposed agreement are between Israel and China, and America and China. Israel would like to continue trade with Chinese companies, which are really Communist national economic units, without it interfering with their relations with America.

America stands between Israel and Iran, producing nuclear weapons, which can be used for the destruction of Israel. The relationship between America and China have become tenser due to the Coronavirus, which President Trump calls the “China virus.” America continues its campaign against genocide and for human rights, which it points to China as the major offender in the world.

Iran was recently attacked for its tweet for the destruction of Israel. Iran’s hatred of Israel is similar to the desire of Hitler and Nazi Germany to destroy the Jewish people. The leader of Iran, in 25 unthreaded tweets, called Israel a cancerous tumor. It compares Israel to the disease COVID-19.

Israel bombed Iranian bases in Syria two weeks ago, killing a Lebanese Hezbollah fighter. Hezbollah has vowed to defend its fighters from Israeli aggression. Several months ago, Hezbollah attempted to avenge the death of one of its fighters in Syria, which ended up in a stalemate.

The Israeli border with Lebanon where attacks against Hezbollah took place this week.

The killing of the Hezbollah fighter last week has renewed the tensions in the north. Israel has moved its forces into the north, expecting Hezbollah to take revenge. This week, two Hezbollah fighters attempted to cross the border but were intercepted by Israel. The fighters fled and no one was injured.

Thousands of Israelis continue to demonstrate in front of the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem requesting for him to resign. The demonstrations have become violent at times, and the police arrested several people. The Israeli government has not yet decided to crack down on these demonstrations, instead they have allowed them to continue.

They may have to crack down on these demonstrations, since demonstrators have threatened the lives of Netanyahu and his family, which is against Israeli law. Also, the demonstrators are not obeying the regulations of the Ministry of Health about wearing masks, social distancing, and staying away from large gatherings.

Each Israeli will be receiving a stipend this week, which not only will help the hard economic situation of Israelis out of work but will be a stimulus for the economy.

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