Israel Roundup: IDF Develops Laser System, Former PM Shoots Down Deal of the Century

  • People blame bad referee decisions for the loss of the 49ers in the Super Bowl.
  • Trump wants to be referee between Israel and Palestine to bring a peaceful solution to both sides.
  • Israel does not want war but only wants national security.

Israel continues to attempt to try to postpone an all-out war in the hope that a peaceful solution will come. U.S. President Donald Trump has entered into the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a referee. Referees can sometimes be blamed for making mistakes.  Since introducing the Deal of the Century, tensions in Israel and Palestine are growing. Referees have an important place in sports. People want sometimes to put the blame on the referee, others accept that being a referee is difficult and necessary.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (right) celebrates after winning the Super Bowl last Sunday.

Last week, the NFL’s Super Bowl ended in a victory for the Kansas City Chiefs, who made a fourth quarter comeback to defeat the San Francisco 49ers.  Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Chiefs, won the MVP award.  Kyle Shanahan, the coach for the 49ers, was questioned why they gave up on the ground game, instead of passing, since running was their success this season.  It also uses up more time to support their strong defense.

Whether Shanahan was mistaken or not, the game was lost.  Next year is another chance.  The referees have an important part in football, and many feel that referees missed calls and made bad decisions, which may have helped the Chiefs.  One of these was an offensive pass interference call, against 49ers tight end George Kittle, at the end of the first half.  This may have made a difference in the outcome of the game.

President Trump is not the first to enter the Middle East, and the Palestinian conflict, as referees to solve the problem.  President Jimmy Carter was influential at Camp David, between Israel and Egypt. President Bill Clinton initiated the Oslo Accords, which split Israel into Areas A, B, and C, giving the Palestinian Authority autonomy. Now Trump wants to seal the package and make it permanent.

The Oslo accords were not successful to stop terrorism, but in the beginning, the Intifada accelerated, until Israel built walls with border points to stop terrorists from entering with arms and vests. Giving independence to Gaza allowed them to acquire missiles through tunnels from Egypt, which they have used against Israel who they call the aggressors.  Fatah, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, however, have cooperated with Israel, until today, but they have not been able to reach a permanent solution.

Abbas has rejected the Trump peace plan, and has even refused to help Israel combat terrorism, like they had done before. This week there were four terrorist attacks on Thursday against soldiers and civilians. Israel entered Jenin, an Arab-controlled city in Samaria, giving advance notice to the armed PA police to assist them without any response from them.  This led to a major gun battle in the Palestinian controlled city.  President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, on behalf of America, blames Abbas, but cautions Israel not to annex territories until after March elections.

This week, on Tuesday night, three missiles were launched on the southern Negev city of Nitevot, along with other rockets earlier in the week.  Many incidents occurred this week involving incendiary balloons. The Trump Peace Plan has a solution for conflict with Hamas in Gaza— Israel will be allowed to disarm Hamas.  However, if Abbas and Fatah continue to be enemies of Israel, giving them a Palestinian State and sovereignty may allow them to produce rockets and incendiary balloons. Israel will then be forced to enter a sovereign nation, Palestine, which the international world will for sure not accept.

Good news was unveiled this week. Israel has developed a laser system for intercepting incendiary balloons shot from Gaza. Until now, they have used the Iron Dome Defense System, which has also been improved to prevent the need of entering Gaza and disarming Hamas.  The Iron Dome System has given Hamas a few more years to consider changing their policy of aggression and destruction of the state of Israel.

Balloons carrying an incendiary device launched by Palestinian protesters.

When Hamas realized that throwing rockets at Israel would not discourage them from the desire for peace, they used incendiary balloons, which could enter Israel to make fires in the southern cities. The use of the Iron Dome was considered too expensive by Israel to counteract incendiary balloons. Now, Israel can use the new laser system, which has finally been developed and tested.

Trump’s Deal of the Century can work if both parties are sincere. The question is if it can be enforced after annexation of land is made by both sides. Israel can be trusted but the Palestinians have in the past shown that they are not united in peace internally and externally. There is the danger of tunnels being built from Judea and Samaria into Israel, like they were done from Gaza to Israel and from Lebanon to Israel. To make peace you need two sides who are responsible for their signatures on the contract.

About Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, Arab Islamic pride is in the way. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz are willing to cooperate with America. Abbas is not willing to cooperate.  The former Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, who spent a term in prison, will come to the U.N. with Abbas to state their reasons for rejection of the Deal of the Century.

The internal struggle with the nation continues between the religious and secular. One of the major issues is LGBT rights. The present Minister of Education with Netanyahu has again aroused opposition from the left, who support LGBT rights, by giving a reward for Rabbinate literature to a Rabbi who called gay people disabled. He was attacked in the news media.

Earlier in the week, Israel attacked an airport in Damascus when their intelligence located an airplane landing from Iran, which was believed to be carrying advanced weapons. There were over twenty Syrians and Iranians killed in the attack.  Russia warned Israel that a plane, which was approaching the airport with civilians, was almost involved in the attack in cross fire between Syria and Israel. The plane instead landed in another airport in Northern Syria. This is similar to the Ukrainian jet which was downed by Iran in cross-fire with US. Russia and Syria are allies.

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