Israel Roundup: Protests and Possible Treatments

  • Israelis are disappointed with Netanyanu and feel they need a change.
  • Gantz and Netanyahu have clashed regarding another lockdown due to spike in Coronavirus.
  • A new drug has been discovered by Israel which can neutralize Corona in the lungs where it is needed most.

Israelis have gone out into the streets demonstrating against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Thousands of protesters tried to break into the Prime Minister’s home in Jerusalem.  The demonstrators, carrying torches, had to be pulled away from the gate by police.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefing his ministers on the need for further lockdown measures.

This resulted in clashes between law enforcement officials and demonstrators. The Black Flag demonstration began in the evening, in response to the police removal of tents set up by anti-corruption activists outside the PM’s residence. There has been a sit-in demonstration for the past month, calling for Netanyahu to resign because of corruption charges. The protest was meant to coincide with the date of storming of the Bastile in Paris in 1789.

Netanyahu has seen a popularity drop in the past few weeks because of the worsening economic crisis from the Coronavirus. His trust has been destroyed, and despair is on the rise. Fifty protesters were arrested after the demonstration became violent. Police riding on horses and spraying water were able to disperse the crowds, which had blocked the roads and railway.

There were also demonstrations in the religious sectors of Israel, objecting to lockdowns on religious neighborhoods in the city of Beth Shemesh, Beitar, and sections of Jerusalem. The religious sector claims that they are being discriminated against through these severe measures.

The inhabitants of these neighborhoods were not allowed to leave their areas. The people were ordered to remain in their houses. These lockdowns came as a result of a spike in infections throughout Israel, especially concentrated in these areas. Under pressure from the religious parties, the government has agreed to remove these lockdowns on religious communities.

Netanyahu has admitted that perhaps he was too fast to open up the first lockdowns in an attempt to rescue the Israeli economy. There is still not a complete lockdown, but the Minister of Health has warned that if the number of infections continues to grow, each day there will be no other alternative.

The Members of the Knesset met to discuss measures to take to prevent deaths resulting from the spike in Coronavirus. Swimming pools had been opened, and were going to close, if not for Benny Gantz, who vetoed this action. Benny Gantz is being attacked by Likud members for being too liberal about the lockdown.

Israel has found an existing drug which eradicates Coronavirus from lungs, which is the way the Coronavirus has caused deaths throughout the world. Professor Yaacov Nahmias and Mount Sinai Medical Center, in new research, claimed that the FDA approved drug Fenofibrite— normally used to treat Chlorestoral— could make Coronavirus feel like a common cold or eradicate it from the lungs.

The 36 ministers of the new Israel coalition government meet.

The research over the past three months has shown that Coronavirus needs an accumulation of fats inside lung cells in order to reproduce itself. High blood sugar and cholesterol levels are dangerous factors in COVID-19.  Using different lung samples, the drug Fenofibrite was able to eradicate the virus completely within five days.

Moderna, an American Biological Company affiliated with Israel, has announced that they are now entering the final step in producing the vaccine, which will entail testing 30,000 adults.  This new trial will begin July 27.

At first, Netanyahu and Israel received credit for being one of the only nations in the world to control the Pandemic. The last few weeks have already removed his reputation, and the reputation of Israel, for control of the Pandemic. Israel is on the way to another complete lockdown.

Without a dramatic turnaround, it will probably happen. Netanyahu and Gantz formed a unified emergency government because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused high unemployment, and the public has lost confidence in Netanyahu. They would like to see Benny Gantz become its Prime Minister.

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