Israel Roundup — Returning to Normal, Constantly Under Threats

  • Israel is slowly returning to normalcy in the midst of the pandemic.
  • Israel has been under cyber-attacks from Iran or an unknown enemy.
  • There is a serious conflict between Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO and Israel over annexation of the West Bank.

Israel is celebrating Jerusalem Day on Friday, in memory of the day in which Israel took possession of East Jerusalem and the Western Wall during the Six Day War. The State of Israel also observed its 72nd year of independence last month. After three elections, Israel was finally successful in making a united coalition emergency government.

Cyber attack threatening the destruction of Israel.

The government has a majority of over 70 mandates, and was finally sworn in last week, with Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister for 18 months, and his substitute, Benny Gantz afterward. Gantz was the leader of the opposition Israel Resilience Party, and for the sake of Israel and its future, compromised and joined with Netanyahu and Likud.

Gantz left behind part of his electoral alliance, Blue and White, with the opposition and organized a new government with Netanyahu. The new cabinet will host an unheard-of number of 36 ministers. Netanyahu, defending his supporters, gave Shas and United Torah Judaism, the religious parties, ministry positions.

However, the Yamina party was denied ministerial positions, and refused to join with Netanyahu and his new government. The first priority for the new government is to deal with the Coronavirus crisis, which has caused high unemployment.

Israel is slowly returning to normalcy. Synagogues, schools, and beaches have been opened, with restrictions of two-meter social distancing, and limitations of attendance. People have returned to work after a long absence.  Stores are open, barbershops and beauty parlors are too, also with restrictions, according to the directions of the Ministry of Health.

Bus transportation has been extended. During the most of the day, each bus is allowed to take up to 20 riders. During rush hour, there are almost no restrictions, except the obligation to wear masks, and without standing room. This week, swimming pools may be opened and restaurants too.

Israel has been under cyber-attacks from Iran or an unknown enemy. These attacks penetrated the Israeli water purification computers in Sederot. The attack was noticed by the staff, and passwords were changed in order to stop this attack. If the attack could not be stopped, the only other alternative is to disconnect to the internet.

On Jerusalem Day, several important web-sites were penetrated, including Hatzallah Amulance, Kinneret Authority, the Meretz political party, and food chains. The attacks were made through the computer network of an Israeli server.  The attack came with a message, “the countdown to Israel’s destruction has begun.”

King Hussein of Jordan, U.S. President Bill Clinton, and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin agreeing to peace between Israel and Jordan.

Iran also is claiming that Israel was responsible for cyber attacks on it networks. It seems apparent that there is a current cyber war between Iran and Israel. There are reports in Israel that Iran is slowly leaving Syria, under the pressures of continuous Israeli bombing of their illegal facilities in Syria.

There is a serious conflict between Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO and Israel over annexation of the West Bank. Abbas has threatened to cancel his security pact with Israel. Jordan is trying to thwart Israeli annexation plans, but Egypt and Saudi Arabia remain silent. Annexation was one of the policies in which Netanyahu and Benny Gantz agreed to before making their government. It is still unknown if Israel will go ahead with annexation under international pressures.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Israel this week to discuss important policies regarding Israel, America and the international world.

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