Israel Shows Mixed Feelings and Worries About Possible Victory of Biden

  • Netanyahu delayed to comment on the victory of Joe Biden.
  • All of Israel even the opposition parties recognized Trump as a great friend of Israel.
  • Iran and the Palestinians would like Biden to go in reverse rather than forward.

Most of Israelis feel that President Trump stood up for the sovereignty of the nation of Israel. He took tremendous steps to strengthen the State of Israel the main representative of democracy state in the Middle East. Trump began his four-year term by cancelling the Nuclear Deal which was made by the Obama administration with Iran. Netanyahu continuously encourage Trump and other world leaders to recognize the danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

Obama announces the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015.

President Trump listened to the claims of Netanyahu. Israel intelligence was able to steal important papers from Iran proving that Iran was hiding many its nuclear secrets from Americans and the world. Trump was not working on dreams and imaginations by declaring the nuclear treaty void but had in his possession documents to prove it. The future of the sanctions which President Trump has made against Iran to prevent Iran from becoming a superpower in the Middle East is on the table of President Biden.

Netanyahu is worried about the threat of Iran. Iran continues to move weaponry into Syria which worries Israel. These weapons are a threat to Israel from military bases in Syria and some of these weapons are shipped to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel continues to attempt to destroy these Iranian weapons storehouses in Syria.  America under President Trump supported Israel in bombing Iranian storehouses in Syria.  Iran feared President Trump and has not retaliated. Will Biden weaken his stand on Iran which has prevented Iran from retaliation against Israel which may result in an all-out war? Trump was strong about Israel annexation of the Golan. If Biden will back down on these issues Iran can exploit the weakness of America to stand up for Israel.

Trump accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved his embassy to Jerusalem. Trump at the end of his four-year term was able to push ahead Middle East peace by getting Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Sudan to join the peace which had begun with Egypt and Jordan.  Biden can go forward or in reverse depending upon his relationship with Iran. If he will go back on the sanctions to Iran, it could throw the peace process in reverse. Trump ended his term in office with the hope than the peace process will go forward when many other Arab nations will join in with America and Israel.

Biden meets with Abbas Palestinian leader.

Netanyahu and Benny Gantz his partner in the new coalition will soon statements concerning the new American Administration under the leadership of Joe Biden. The opposition parties have already congratulated the new president for his victory in the elections. The leader of the opposition parties Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid tweeted: Congratulations. The relationship of our countries is based on deeply held values and critically shared interests which I know will be at the heart of your administration. I look forward to working with the new administration and members of both parties in Congress to deepen the special relationship between Israel and America.

Avigdor Leiberman another member of the opposition parties commented: Congratulations to Joe Biden and thanks to President Trump for his important contribution to the State of Israel.

One senior member of the Blue White party Avi Nissenkorn Justice Minister stated: Congratulations to the entire American people for this fitting democratic process.  I am sure the close relationship between Israel and USA will be preserved.

Despite the conspicuous lack of response from Netanyahu Nir Barkat former Mayor of Jerusalem from the Likud party did comment congratulating Biden on his victory.

Israel is worried about its future under the new president. All the progress which President Trump made in the Middle East depended on his strong stand with Iran. If Biden will hold strong on Iran there can be further stabilization in the Middle East. Trump recognized the importance of a strong Israel in bringing together the Arab nations in unity with America and the Western World.

Finally Netanyahu publicly congratulated Biden saying: Joe we have had a warm  personal relationship for nearly 40 years, and I know you as a great friend of Israel.

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