Israel Strikes in Syria; Hamas Meets with Ayatollah; Barak Makes Alliance

  • Hamas leaders visit Iran to plan strategy.
  • Israel attacked southern Syria early this week.
  • Israel demolished several homes in Sur Baher.

Hamas sent a delegation to Iran and met with Ayatollah Ali Khomeini as the alliance between them seems to be expanding. Iranian leaders said that Hamas is Iran’s first line of defence. They mocked the deal of the century as a dangerous plot. A Hamas leader said once the Palestinians were throwing stones today they have precision rockets.

The Israel Democratic Party is a political party in Israel established in 2019 by former prime minister Ehud Barak. Meretz is a left-wing, social-democratic and green political party in Israel.

Israel attacked southern Syria early this week. The target was the southern Deraa province overlooking the Golan.  It is a base for Iranian backed militias and fighters from Hezbollah. Syria confirmed the attack on Wednesday a few days later without giving specifics. Casualties were reported by a human rights organization in Great Britain.  All Israeli planes returned safely.

Sur Baher is a Palestinian neighborhood on the southeastern outskirts of East Jerusalem. It is located east of Ramat Rachel and northeast of Har Homa. In 2006, Sur Baher had a population of 15,000.

New developments in the election scheduled for September.  The former Prime Minister Ehud Barak entered the election and this week made an alliance with Meretz, the Ultra-Left Wing Party.  This combination can make a problem for Likud and strengthens the Israeli Left.  Also on the left is the Blue/White of Benny Ganz who in the last elections received an equal number of mandates as Netanyahu and Likud. Barak is a strong candidate, well respected by the Israel people. He and Ganz were both military leaders and have great qualifications to be Defense Minister which is a priority.

Israel demolished several homes in Sur Baher located near the Security fence.  The houses were built without permits.  Abbas and the PLO are deciding which measures to take in opposition to Israel for violating the human rights of Palestinians.

Israel is working with its neighbors for improvements in the Mediterranean sea.  This includes development of the Nile river basin and expansion of the Suez Canal. The Mediterranean is important for Southern Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. One of the goals is to protect the sea from pollution.

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