Israel Targets Jihad Commanders in Gaza and Syria – Jihad Retaliates

  • Israel's targeted bombing is intended to stop sporadic missile launching on Israel by Jihad.
  • Netanyahu claims that these measures were approved 10 days ago by his cabinet.
  • Israel urges Hamas not to enter this war but to continue to keep their peace agreements.

Late Monday night Israel targeted and killed two Jihad commanders in Syria and in Gaza. In Damascus, Syrian media reported two killed in the attack including Islamic Jihad Akram Ajuri’s son in a home located near the Lebanese embassy in Mezzah, a Western District of the Syrian capital. Jihad Syria blamed the attack on the Zionist criminal enemy.

Naftali Bennet, the new defense minister.

In Gaza, Israel eliminated Jihad Islam commander Baba Ahu al-Atta who has been blamed for sporadic missile launches on southern settlements in Israel (what Israel labels “ticking bombs”) not attached to Hamas. Hamas has been obeying a peace treaty with Israel allowing them several rights like fishing rights, receiving money from Qatar, electricity supplied by Israel, and even work permits to Gazans to enter Israel.  Jihad Islam has acted independently from Hamas on several occasions firing missiles in Israel causing chaos among Israel citizens. Those citizens suffering from these periodic “ticking bombings” requested action from Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu.

This week Netanyahu appointed as Defense Minister Naftali Bennet who is known to have requested that Netanyahu take action to stop bombings and bring a lasting quiet to Southern Israel. During the summer one of these bombings occurred during a concert in the southern settlement of Sederot where people were standing in an open area and ran for cover.  Last week several missiles were shot at Sederot causing damage to a house in the area. These bombings are called “ticking bombs” because they are not part of a full scale military action from Gaza like what is happening today after the targeted killing of one of the Jihad leaders.

Iron Dome intercepts Gazan missile.

Israel does not want an escalation of violence but has warned Hamas and Jihad that they are prepared to defend themselves from future “ticking bombs” and to continue targeted killings to protect themselves. This was the first targeted killing in several years. In retaliation Jihad has thrown dozens of rockets at communities across Israel even reaching major Israel cities such as Tel Aviv, Rishon L”Tzion, Ashdod, and Ashkelon.  At least 29 Israeli have been treated for shock and minor injuries after they have run for cover to bomb shelters. Two people were lightly hurt by shrapnel. Amidst the action Israel Home Front Command has urged Israelis to follow their instructions.

Israelis crouch for cover under rocket attack.

These actions and targeted killings which have taken place under the auspices of the new Minister of Defense Naftali Bennett have been condemned by members of the Blue-White party and Israel’s left liberal parties. Netanyahu claims that these measures were approved 10 days ago by his cabinet. The Islamic Jihad are backed by Iran, who is also held responsible. By 9 a.m. Tuesday, 50 rockets had been fired from Gaza, 20 of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Israel urges Hamas not to enter this war but to continue to keep their peace agreements with Israel. However Israel always holds Hamas responsible for any acts of aggression made by other terrorist groups operating within areas under their control.


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