Israel: The Land of Milk, Honey, and Coronavirus

  • Israel has an amazingly low rate of mortality even though it has a high rate of infections per capita
  • The hospitals in Israel have no secret medicines to attribute of their success at saving lives
  • The low mortality rate is a blessing from God

When the Bible speaks of the Land of Israel, it is called the Land of Milk and Honey. Israel is praised in the Bible by saying, “the eye of God watches over the land of Israel from the beginning to the end of the year.” Israel is now in a lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Special entrance to Sheba intensive care units for treatment of Coronavirus.

When the coronavirus first originated in Wuhan, China, Israel was one of the first countries to close its borders to travelers from abroad. As a result, the numbers of infection in Israel was one of the lowest in the world per capita. The situation has changed after Israel began to return to normalcy to protect the economy and bring the children back school. 

Today, Israel— with a population of 8,600,000— has one of the highest numbers of infections per capita. Israel has recorded 291,828 infections from coronavirus.  In Israel, one out of every 29 people have become infected with the coronavirus. 

Great Britain— with a population of 67,000,000— has recorded 603,000 infections. Per capita, one out of 111 people have become infected.

Canada— with a population of 37,800,000— has recorded to date 182,000. One out of every 207 Canadians have been infected with the coronavirus.

The population of the United States is estimated at 331,000,000. The number of infections recorded in USA are 8,000,000, one out of every 41 Americans have become infected.

Russia’s population is estimated at 146,000,000. The number of recorded infections in Russia are 1,312,000. One Russian out of 111 have become infected.

Looking at the per capita of infections in Israel is depressing for the Israeli government, who have put the nation in lockdown. Public gatherings have been limited, including prayer groups. Demonstrations, which are sacred in a democracy, were also limited during the lockdown to within one kilometer of their dwellings.

Synagogues were closed during the holidays, causing great inconvenience to the Orthodox communities. From these statistics, to call Israel the Land of Milk and Honey, which is watched over by God, is difficult. Each person that is infected can infect others if not sent into quarantine. The senior citizens live in the coronavirus pandemic with the threat of death.

God has not deserted the Jewish people and all the residents of the Land of Israel. Looking at the percentages of infection per capita alone, is not giving the complete picture of the affects of the coronavirus on Israel or on the world. A more valid picture is to look at the mortality rates of nations in the world and compare them.

Moses calls the land of Israel the Land of Milk and Honey. He never entered the land but gazed out at the land from a hill.

Israel has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world in comparison to infections. As of this date, of the 291,000 people infected with coronavirus in Israel, there have been 1,983 deaths. One out of every 146 people who have been infected by coronavirus in Israel have died.

In Britain, with 603,000 infections, 42,800 have died. One out of every 14 people infected from coronavirus have died, the highest mortality rate in the world. In the USA, with 800,000,000 infections, approximately one out of every 36 cases have died from coronavirus.

These mortality rate statistics are not completely accurate because many people contacted the virus without reporting it to the authorities. However, it is clear that the percentage of mortality in the holy land of Israel is amazingly low.

Even though the government of Israel will not depend of miracles, Israel is seeing miracles of people who have made miraculous recoveries. To date, there are 52,880 current cases, 827 cases in serious condition, with 227 people on respirators.

Israel is not using any miracle drugs in their hospitals. It basically follows the same course of treatment as given in America, following the approval of the FDA.

The low rate of mortality in light of the high number of infection per capita can only be attributed to the blessing of God, Israel the land of milk and honey. God watches over the people living in Israel, including the Arabs and Christians.

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