ITServe Chicago Chapter: Skilled Immigration is a Boon to the US

  • Standing against the discriminatory Immigration laws for business.
  • ITServe Alliance has filed a lawsuit to challenging USCIS authority to limit visa duration.
  • Planning is underway for Synergy 2018 with an expected 1000+ attendees in Atlantic City.

It is not wise to give away power to people who don’t believe in the benefits of highly skilled immigrants or pretend that they don’t believe in skilled immigration for their self-interest. They know who they are, and we know who they are. We are small, medium or large companies, successful or still not so successful; we will all suffer the effects of changes and destruction of the immigration system. We are facing the greatest crisis of all times. This is setting the stage for a new outbreak. The political makeup could well determine the future of this. But we will not just be an audience for this.

ITServe it as a group makes our backs stronger. Now to protect our interests, we must be even more forceful, even stronger and not compromise. Our goal is to pull our strength together and go forward. An action item is the second lawsuit filed by IT Serve Alliance challenging USCIS authority to limit visa duration. This news gained a lot of traction and became the most trending news on major media outlets in a short duration.

Chicago leads amongst all the ITServe chapters in terms of bringing value to the member organizations and fostering innovation. Siva Yerramsetty, CEO & Co-Founder of Libsys Inc. the ITServe Chicago Chapter President welcomed all members to yet another successful event at Embassy Suites, Naperville, IL on Thursday, October 18th 2018 with the assistance of Shree Yerramsetty, President & Co-Founder of Libsys Inc. the audience was presented a very interactive session on the many great sessions and events lined up at Synergy 2018 and focused around measures which will take collectively to make ITServe Synergy a grand success with an expected 1000+ attendees, IT Serve Alliance will be taking over Harrah’s Casino Resort in Atlantic City for Synergy 2018. Siva Yarramsetty also introduced and welcome the new member that joined the ITServe alliance Mr. Chandra Pedyala of Profitics and Mr. Ramesh Basa of CII Diversities.

The star speaker of the event Mr. Raju Chintala, Founder & President, Indiana India Business Council, a leader in multiple other internationally focused nonprofits, he has been a key player in the successful negotiations to encourage investments in the State of Indiana by major Indian corporations, including a 2017 investment decision by Infosys, Ltd. that will create 2000 new, well-paying jobs by 2022 followed by Mr. Subu Kofta, Chairman of The Boston Group stole the night with his amazing presentation and speech. He won the heart of all Chicago members with is wise thoughts out of the experience and professional journey. Mr. Subu is a serial entrepreneur with more than 40 years of business wisdom with broad experience ranging from Information Technology Consulting, e-Learning Services, and Pharmaceuticals Research and Manufacturing. He has been involved in startups in various sectors. Mr. Kota served as an adviser to the dean of Kennedy School of Government, at Harvard University.

The event concluded by Siva thanking all attendees, guest speakers, and national sponsors AIS Insurance and Vitel Global for their continuing support and efforts for the ITServe Alliance Organization followed by a delicious dinner.

Javeria Shaikh

City girl now lives in suburbs passionate about education, equality, love, and betterment of society.  

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