Jesus Did Not Want to Rule the World Alone

  • Moses and Elijah proceeded Jesus.
  • Jesus desired to bring freedom to the world.
  • Mohammed and the prophet of Baha”i are the eternal kings of Islam.

Jesus did not want to rule the world. After the death of Jesus and his resurrection the will and desires of Jesus were distorted especially when Christianity became the religion of Rome. Rome wanted to rule the world and almost succeeded. Constantine in 330 AD was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity and moved the seat of the empire to Byzantium which was later called Constantinople in his honor. The Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire – Wikipedia with Christianity as its religion spread out throughout Europe until it was finally defeated by the Ottoman Empire in 1453.

The story of the Tower of Babel teaches no one man can rule the world only God is one and eternal

The Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire – Wikipedia also called the Turkish empire was established at the end of the 13th century and expanded to include all of Asia minor and much of Southeastern Europe. The empire reached in Zenith under Sulimein in the 16th century and greatly declined afterward until it collapsed after World War I in 1913. Quoted from Wikipedia, According to the Ottoman empire understanding the state’s primary responsibility was to expand and extend the land of the Muslims and to secure security and harmony within its borders in the overarching context of orthodox Islamic practice and dynastic sovereignty.

Jesus did not want to rule the world. Mohamed the prophet Islam who came after Jesus could not rule the world. Moses the prophet of the Jewish people who established the nation of Zion in the land of the Israel did not desire to rule the world. The desire of the prophets was to share the rule of the world and connect the world with God and Adam the first father.

The Bible relates in Genesis that the world began to be populated by the first father and mother Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were created by God from the dust, the most perfect human beings in history. Their children were less perfect born naturally through sex.  As the world became populated it became divided into tribes. These tribes had between them family rivalries. These three great religions are connected to the three families on earth Jacob the Jewish people, Esau also called Edom or Rome, Ishmael the son of Abraham connected to Islam.

The first family to establish the kingship of God on earth with a religion was the Nation of Zion established by Moses in the wilderness of Sinai. Zion was a dictatorship, the nation observed the Law of Moses given to them by Moses at Mount Sinai including in it the Ten Commandments inscribed on tablets. The Jewish people entered Israel which was then called the Land of Canaan, conquered the land and established their kingship in the land. The land was divided between the twelve tribes of Israel. The nation of Zion spread out but due to civil war and the pressures on it from surrounding nations it was conquered by the Babylonians and the Assyrians. The attempt to restore the kingship failed but the nation succeeded to rebuild their temple in Israel which stood for 400 years until it was destroyed by the Romans. History of ancient Israel and Judah – Wikipedia

Biblical Israel was a theocracy. The king was a dictator enforcing the law of the land which was based on a religious doctrine. There was no free choice. Jesus in Mathew in the New Testament called upon Moses and Elijah the two greatest Jewish prophets to be witnesses of his intention to bring freedom to the world to overthrow the theocracy of Israel and to make Israel a religious free state with Moses and Elijah its king. His intention was that Israel should be ruled by heaven, eternal kings Moses and Elijah rather than a man a dictator.

The Lubavitcher proclaimed at the end of his life that the Messianic era has arrived. Everyday is a new revelation of God.

At the same time after his resurrection, Jesus would become king the Messiah of the world sharing the kingship with Moses and Elijah the kings of Israel, the Jewish people. Mohammed who came after Jesus and Moses would reign forever as King of Islam after his death. God is king of the universe above the prophets. Jesus became king the Messiah of the world called in the Bible Tavel. Moses and Elijah after Jesus became kings of Israel and the land of Israel. Mohammed and the prophet of Baha”i later became the kings of Islam. 

The founder of Baha”i was a prophet who lived in the 19th century in Acre Israel during the Ottoman Empire. He was imprisoned for claiming that he was a prophet when Islamic scripture claimed that Mohammed was the last prophet. The prophet of Baha”i gave equal credence to all three faiths Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  The history of Adam and the children of man is revealed in the bible and world history.  The Garden of Eden is eternal; the life of the world is until six thousand years. In the seventh millennium the world returns to God and the Garden of Eden.

God sent Jesus to the world to begin to change over the world from dictatorships to democracies. He did not want to conquer the world like a dictator to build the Tower of Babel but to begin a new age in the world where all the nations and families of the earth will know God and be free to live a life of righteousness and morality.

The fulfillment of the desire of Jesus is in the prophecy of Isaiah, the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God, and the prophecy “God will be king of the whole earth  in this day God will be One and his name will be one is today revealed through the resurrection of Moses World Unity and Peace ( and was proclaimed by the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Shneerson the end of his life to complete the prophecy of Moses at Mount Sinai that we are in the Messianic era.

We learn from the story of the Tower of Babal no one person can conquer the world. The kingship of God is shared by the prophets of all faiths, and the nations which inhabit the earth. God is King, forever.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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