Jesus Was Not a Christian – Book Review

  • Jesus became the king of the Christian world but he was not Christian.
  • Jesus was not God before or after his resurrection. The son of God is not God, but a part of God revealed.
  • Christianity came afterwards and Islam.

There is a book on the market available through the internet written by a former minister “Jesus was not a Christian.”  Without reading the book the title and introduction hits my heart because it is true.  Most people accept religion as truth.  There is truth which is hidden by religions.

Judaism does not emphasize truth.  Most important in Judaism is accepting the law given by Moses to the Jewish people.  The Law of Moses is divided into two parts the Oral law and the written law. The written law is also called the Five Books of Moses. The Oral law is the practical aspect of Judaism today called the Code of Jewish Law, the Shulcan Aruch. Shulcan is translated as table.  The laws are codified and placed on the table clearly described for each person to know in the Shulcan Aruch.  After these laws have been codified only remains the acceptance of these laws by the Jewish people. The Torah has 613 commandments 248 positive commandments to do in action, and 365 negative commandments of what is forbidden to do, to say, to think.  Judaism stresses learning the laws including all the various specifics of the law and fulfilling what is written in them.  The sages teach, The fulfillment of the laws is the main part of Judaism before the learning. The learning of the Torah is equal to all the other commandments. Seeking truth, divine knowledge is only one commandment of the 613 commandments of the Torah.

The Star of David displays an infinite unity between heaven and earth.  Around the Star is a circle which is also infinite.  There are two revelations of infinity the revelation of the circle no beginning and no end; and the revelation of the unity of opposites male and female. God is revealed in both ways in religion.

Seeking truth and divine knowledge can be dangerous.  Many people have made mistakes in their understanding when seeking truth and divine knowledge and have gone away from the Torah way. Nevertheless there is nothing more important than peace and truth. Even though truth which is esoteric has a secondary priority in Judaism it cannot be ignored. Only special souls delve into the secrets of the Torah. It is recommended to study all the other aspects of the Torah before beginning to study esoteric Judaism.

The deepest secrets of the Torah are hidden in the written text of the Five books of Moses.  There are secrets revealed in the Hebrew letters of the Torah. Each letter is a divine secret.  The letters have a numerical value and there are secrets in combining these letters to reveal hidden secrets in the Torah called Gematria.  The word for love in Hebrew is Ahava numerically equal to 13.  The word for One in Hebrew is numerically equal to 13.  There is a great relationship between love and unity.  The word for freedom in Hebrew Geula is numerically equal to the word Adam which means man 45.  The path to spiritual freedom is through the connection to Adam the man of perfection who was created from the dust of the earth and lived in the Garden of Eden.

Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people.  It is based on the two laws given by Moses to the Jewish people. Moses was a prophet of truth and received his knowledge from God.  Following the Law of Moses reveals the meaning of being a Jew.  It involves fulfillment of the commandments especially the three commandments which are called signs of Judaism which are Tefillin, Sabbath, and circumcism. Tefillin are boxes with parchments for exerts from the Torah which are worn each day during prayer.  Sabbath is the commandment of resting on the seventh day. Milah or circumcism is done on a child on the eighth day of his life.

Jesus was born from a Jewish mother which made him immediately Jewish the son of man.  Whether or not he fulfilled the commandments in an Orthodox fashion or not, he was still Jewish.  He died on the Cross.  When he was taken down from the cross he was buried like all Jews.  Afterwards he resurrected on the third day after burial as is taught in the New Testament (his resurrection was not accepted by everyone). After resurrection he was no longer Jewish.  He was on the level of the perfection of Adam the first man who was created by God from the dust. Adam was not Jewish. He was not Christian. Therefore Jesus after his resurrection was neither Jewish nor Christian. His followers were Christians the son of man.  Some may have been Jewish.  Jesus the son of God after his resurrection belonged only to God and not to any nation or religion.  Adam is numerically equal to Geula or freedom.  The son of man is not free. Adam was the son of God.  The son of God is free.

Jim Stacey the former minister has experienced the conflict between religion and faith which have inspired him to write his book.

There is no commandment in Judaism to believe in the resurrection of Jesus.  Jews believe in the resurrection of the dead at the end of time.  Only those that study the esoteric teachings of the Torah know Adam as the son of God.  Adam was created and resurrected from the dust. The esoteric teachings of the Torah separate Adam before the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge and after the sin.  The children of Adam are the son of man. The son of man is not free in this world. There are obligations in this world.

Jesus became the king of the Christian world but he was not Christian. Jesus was not God before or after his resurrection. Adam was not God; Jesus was not God.  Before the sin when Adam lived in the Garden of Eden he was free like the son of God. After the sin he learned to know that the son of God is not God. God is the father.  The spiritual father and mother are one to create the soul of the Messiah, the son of God.

When the Messiah resurrects, he returns to his universal source in the Garden of Eden and becomes the connection to the Tree of Life in the Garden the primary connection of Adam to God.  There are other connections to God through other trees in the Garden and also through the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. These trees are connections to God through other religions including Judaism.  God and the son of God are unlimited.  The connection to the unlimited cannot be limited to one religion even Christianity. Judaism is the major source the connection to God through Moses and the Jewish Bible.  Christianity came afterwards and Islam. Baha”i came after Islam. Judaism and Islam does not connect to Jesus the son of God.  They are waiting for the resurrection at the end of time. Baha”i connects to Jesus as part of trinity including Moses, and Mohammed. Mount Sinai where the Torah was given was in the wilderness, no walls an open place. The revelation of God at Mount Sinai is open to all. Judaism cannot restrict only for Jews.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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