Jewish Liberalism, Socialism, Atheist and Trump

  • Trump attacked Democrat Jews that don’t love Israel.
  • Universal values should not oppose religion.
  • Each person should have two eyes, a universal eye and his own national eye.

In the impeachment trials of President Trump was revealed Jews in leadership positions in America primarily democrats who were against President Trump to the point of even wanting to impeach him. Finally they have been defeated. President Trump in wonder could not understand why Jews do not love the State of Israel and their land.

President Trump has done more than any other President for Israel. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He recognized annexation of the Golan. He cancelled a very dangerous nuclear treaty with Iran who preaches the destruction of Israel. He has recently revealed the Deal of the Century which will give Israel the right of annexation of portions of Judah and Samaria and even the Jordan Valley. Besides support for Israel, President Trump has fought against Anti-Semitism in Universities a great problem for Jewish youth in America. President Trump has supported religious freedom for all faiths and has recognized religion as an important part of America.

Trump introduces Deal of the Century.

For all these reasons Jews should to the best of their ability support President Trump in the elections in 2020. Jews are generally democrats which makes it difficult to switch parties but the way they opposed Trump in impeachment even to the extent that the media called the impeachment a Jewish coup, needs an explanation. What is the source of this anti Judaism amongst Jews. Even the most liberal of Jews object to being called Anti-Semites.  Jews are not Anti-semites God forbid, but may be atheists, agnostics, and anti-Judaism.

The State of Israel already twice after elections has been unable to make a government. There are two sides of the Jewish Israeli world which conflict.  They are the Orthodox religious observers and the secular.  The secular are concerned first about the State of Israel before religion. To the religious first comes the Torah. Israel is a Jewish State but not a Torah State. There is an underlining cause of the schism in Israel and the Liberal Jewish opposition to President Trump. The problem needs to be corrected. It cannot continue without some efforts to solve the problem.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory emphasized in his speeches that Jews are believers in God and the children of believers. The Jewish people are the people of the Bible. President Trump carries with him a Bible.  Jews should also carry with them a Bible.  In Israel one of the noted Torah Scholars and religious leaders in Israel attacked the Jews in Israel who were uneducated in observance of the Torah. He used in his attack a language which would antagonize and cause hatred.  The Rebbe retorted his statement and said Jews are the apple of the Eye of God and it is forbidden to make statements like these. When Jews behave in ways that may be called disgraceful considering Torah values, there needs to be a reason for their behavior. Some may use the holocaust as a reason since many Jews lost faith in God because of the holocaust. Jews have been forced to live in the world as a minority.  Netanyahu said recently that the holocaust indicates why it is important for the Jewish people to have sovereignty in their own land.

It is difficult in a Jewish world to make these statements because of the consequences of rebuttal. A person once came to the Rebbe to express his own ideas which may have conflicted with Torah values. The Rebbe answered him, between two Jews there are always more than three opinions. The Rebbe had his own opinion; and this Rabbi who attacked Jews living on Kibbutzim has his own opinion. In the Jewish world there is a Torah which is the Law of Moses. Orthodox Rabbinical leaders preach Torah law. Not all Jews today are Ultra-Orthodox qualified to be called Rabbi. In Israel the State has Rabbinical representatives who receive a nice salary as Rabbinical judges, Grand Rabbis, and Rabbis of cities in Israel. Torah law comes from Moses on Mount Sinai.  Through Torah law was initially established the Biblical Nation of Israel. It was once the law of the nation but today it is Judaism, the religion which separates Jews from the rest of the world.

When I began to write articles in a well-known Jewish newspaper my ideas were too radical and they discontinued my blog page. Jews are afraid sometimes to hear the truth. Truth may sometimes be called rebellion again Torah values. An Orthodox Rabbi will tell you that it is forbidden to disagree with Torah values. The Orthodox in Israel are a minority. It seems like most Jews abroad and in Israel disagree with Orthodox values. Jews throughout the generations have not been able to accept all Orthodox values. The Lubavitcher Rebbe even though he is Orthodox gave respect to these secular Jews.  There is a story at the end of the Tractate Talmud Succot about a woman at the end of the second temple whose name was Malka who left Judaism.  The Gemora calls her wicked and a bad neighbor. She complained that the Jews are always giving money for sacrifices to be made on the altar without any reward in return. The Rebbe even defended her.  Since she was a Jew the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for sure she had sincere convictions in her decision not to be religious anymore.

Jews are instructed according to the Torah that Judaism is the only faith and religion. They are told that there is no universal faith.  If they decide not to practice Judaism, they are told that it is better for them to be atheists rather than believe in World Universal faith. The liberal Jews opposed Trump on the basis of universal values. Liberal is very often confused to be universal.  Those that are liberal may believe in universal faith, but not in religion. They are Jewish and don’t chose to be Christian and not Muslim but to be liberal.  A liberal can believe in God but he believes in a God who is also liberal.  A liberal can also be atheist or agnostic. Judaism is the faith and religion of Jews.  In Judaism universal values are repressed because these values interfere with the specific identity of a Jew which is not like Adam who was universal. Adam was universal but after the sin with his wife Eve, he could no longer be universal because he had to think of his family.

Lubavitcher Rebbe shortly before he had his first stroke.

The conflict of universal values has always been a problem in Judaism. The problem began in Numbers 16, when Korach requested from Moses “equal rights for all Jews.”  The Bible describes this controversy as an example for all future generation to reject universal values. In the time of the second temple, there were movements for Universal values interpreting the Torah to be universal and Jewish.  Christianity came from one of these movements. Judaism through restricting universal values also restricted the study of esoteric topics which revealed two sides to the Bible Universal and Jewish. The Oral Torah which was the law of the Biblical Nation of Israel is strictly Jewish and against universal values. The Nation of Israel after the empire of Solomon broke off into part parts Judah a strictly Jewish nation, Samaria Judaism with universal values.

Trump wants to help the Jewish people and Israel.  He himself believes in universal values freedom and democracy.  He knows that to be a Jewish people is needed a religious doctrine which supports Jewish values before universal values. He himself cannot exclusively help Jews but must also think of the Palestinians. The Deal of the Century is a compromise, a two state solution. Trump feels the Jewish people have a right to their homeland and the State of Israel is a good representative of universal values. He has opposition from Muslims who reject universal values and opposition from Orthodox Jews.

The liberal democrats many of which are Jewish felt threatened by Trump because by helping Israel he was invading on their monopoly of the Jewish vote. Even the Jewish vote is small in quantity, many Americans value Jewish judgement and will follow the Jews in the polls. The Lubavitcher Rebbe unlike other Jewish leaders has two eyes, the Jewish eye and the universal eye. A Jew can have two eyes like the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  Jews which have completely cast aside the Jewish eye and pride are no longer supporters of the Jewish State.  Those Jews that only have one eye, the Jewish eye find themselves in opposition to the State of Israel, America and Trump. The universal side is the side of World Peace. Rejecting World faith today is possible only by those that learn strictly the Oral Jewish law and reject the written text.  The written text the five books of Moses has two eyes, a universal eye and a Jewish eye.

The conflict between secular and religious in Israel can only be solved when Jews will have two eyes.  Those that are completely universal or completely strictly Jewish make it impossible for there to be peace within the Jewish nation and between the Jewish nation and the world. Every human being today should have two eyes, an eye for world peace and an eye for his own nation.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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