Jews Return Home – Americans Stay Calm

  • As conditions deteriorate in the US, many Jews may choose to move to Israel.
  • Americans have suffered emotionally from Corona which is causing them to riot.
  • America needs a stronger police force and government to maintain domestic tranquility.

The Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu of the city Safed of the Upper Galilee in Israel in a speech publicized in Israel on the internet called on all Jews living in the world to return home to their homeland in the land of Israel. He spoke in connection to the chapter of the week read by Jews where Moses sent spies from amongst the leaders of Israel to visit and report about the land of Israel.

American blacks have forgotten the message of Martin Luther King.

They returned after forty days from Israel to the Jewish camp in the wilderness. Of the twelve messengers only two of them reported that Israel is a good place to live. The other ten messengers commented on the danger of entering into Israel relating the powerful armies of the nations occupying the land. They said, “the people are strong in the land, the cities are fortified and very great.” All the messengers agreed that the land of Israel is “the land of milk and honey.”


One of the messengers Kalev said positively, “let us go up and we are able to possess it and conquer it.” The people were struck by fear. They said, “Let us appoint a chief, and return to Egypt.” The Jewish people continued in the direction of Israel but as a punishment for speaking against the sacred land of Israel which was promised to their forefathers, they would not be able to enter the land for another forty years. After forty years wandering in the Sinai wilderness the Jewish people were able to enter the land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua.

After the destruction of the holy temple in Jerusalem by the Romans, the Jewish people have been dispersed throughout the four corners of the earth. They survive as a nation through the religious customs and their history which is written in the Torah Scroll and through the leadership of Torah Scholars.  Corona virus has struck all the nations of the world especially hard in America. In America at the peak of prosperity under the new administration of President Trump the virus crippled the nation. Compounded on the difficulties economically and emotionally on the people of America the brutal death of a black man killed by a white policeman started violent demonstrations throughout the country.

Most Jewish people are not part of these riots but sit at home cautiously waiting for the end of the Corona Pandemic and for President Trump and American officials to quiet these riots. Even yesterday in Seattle Washington a group of anarchists took hold of a portion of Seattle the capital of Washington in opposition to the American government. Today another incident happened in Alabama. Jewish people in America have been happy with the conditions of life in the country which has deteriorated over the past few months. Thousands of Jews have been killed in America by the Corona virus Pandemic.

In 1948 after the holocaust and World War II, the Jewish people were given sovereignty over a portion of the historic land of Israel. The State of Israel was established giving refuge for holocaust survivors and all Jews who need a home. After 72 years the new State of Israel has succeeded to make for Jews a place to live peacefully despite the land disputes and Middle East tensions which has caused several wars. Israel has become one of the major nations of the world because of its economy and technology.

The Corona virus has caused Israel to shut down like many other nations in the world. Israel closed its borders early and avoided a major breakout of the virus. They have deaths and many infections but much less than in America and European nations where Jews had been living happily.  Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu a major spokesman in Israel encouraging Jews to return to their land pointed to Corona virus as a message from God for Jews to return to Israel. According to the Torah reading of the week, Jews need faith in God that Israel is a land of honey for them, and should not be afraid of settling in Israel.

The Minneapolis riots and riots throughout the country which are continuing are a result of an emotional breakdown in America due to the pressures of Corona virus.

The recent demonstrations in America against police violence is very unfortunate. It seems that Americans under the pressure of quarantine have broken down emotionally which is the cause of these riots. The request of Americans to reduce police funding is a sign of a mass nervous breakdown in the country. Police are needed in America to protect women. One out of every five women in America have been raped some time in their lives.

In 2017, In the US in 2018 there were 1.7 million emergency department assault visits and 19,510 homicides of which 14,552 were assaults by firearms.  Without strong police protection these figures will sky rocket. Jews and other peaceful minded American citizens have lived happily in America despite crime and drug abuse. The economy was beginning to improve under the leadership of President Trump but the sudden breakdown of the economy and health of Americans has caused an emotional crisis. An American that wants to reduce police protection is suffering a nervous breakdown.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu representing the State of Israel Rabbinate in the light of the current crisis in America showed in his lecture that conditions in Israel today are better for Jews than in other lands. Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu in the beginning of the outbreak of corona organized prayers at the Western Wall primarily for China.  China the source of the outbreak was able to limit the spread of the disease but they did not stop the virus from spreading to other nations. Beijing today has reported an outbreak in their province. It could mean that China may fall to the virus like America.

Mike Pompeo organized under the leadership of America a campaign for freedom of religion in the world. Communist China is the biggest offender to freedom of religion and other freedoms. Communist USSR has fallen; so should China fall to join the rest of the free world and work together to rebuild the world after the Corona virus Pandemic. Jews wherever they live in the world have the choice to return to their homeland.

the world will be united with democracy and freedom; the Modern democratic State of Israel will be part of World Unity and Peace.  Communism suppressing religion is completely secular. Israel, Europe and America are secular states which have a home for religion. Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu organized prayers for China and the world to heal from Corona. The major religions in the world united in interfaith prayers in Jerusalem to pray for the end of Corona and a new age of World Peace and Unity.

America and the world should heal in a way which the world will reach a greater peace than existed before the Pandemic. Besides the three major religions in the world, Judaism, Christianity and Islam has been added to these religions The Universal Faith of Baha”i and Progressive Jewish Spirituality to give each human being a connection to God and his name which is peace.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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