Joe Biden to Meet the Challenges of Being President of the US

  • God wants religion and he wants freedom
  • Separating freedom from religion will only bring anarchy
  • The whole earth belongs to God. The purpose of Creation is to reveal peace in the world

It says in Psalms 24, the whole earth belongs to God and everything in it. Nations do not accept this biblical passage. They refuse to surrender their territories and protect their borders. Azerbaijan is in the middle of a war over a territorial dispute.  Israel and Palestine are in the middle of a dispute. The world is filled with border conflicts.

Religious leaders met in Jerusalem for interfaith prayer.

Joe Biden has won the elections and is to be sworn in as President of the United States in January. God created the world with a plan like it says in the first words of the Bible, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Joe Biden now is in the middle of this plan deeply into history.

Scientists begin history billions of years ago at an unknown time. They say man evolved from the ape. The Ape took billions of years to evolve from the four elements earth, water, fire and air. The history of man begins in the Bible from the first man called Adam and his wife Eve. Adam and Eve had no physical contact between each other in the Garden of Eden. The animals and birds procreated naturally but Adam was with God. All the creatures of the world worshiped God through Adam created in the image of God. The Bible teaches that if a man has no sin he is invulnerable to the forces of nature.

Adam and Eve sinned. They had two children Cain and Abel born naturally. The more the population of the world grew, also grew with it conflicts. The world was no longer a Garden of Eden. As people multiplied naturally they grouped together in family units. These family units later became nations. Each nation settled on a portion of the earth their homeland which spread out as their population increased. Different families and nations as they spread out, conflicts over portions of land developed, border conflicts. Border conflicts were solved between these nations through negotiations and through war.

The main Bible solution for these border conflicts is for mankind to recognize that the world belongs to God and was given as a gift to man. Joe Biden the President of the USA should recognize the Biblical solution to border conflicts and try to negotiate peace in all parts of the world. The United States is a partner with other world leaders to solve these border conflicts. In Nargorno – Karabakh is involved Russia, Turkey, and Iran.  Russia has taken action to make a ceasefire employing troops in the area.

America always plays the role of the third neutral party in a border conflict. The neutrality of America is sometimes questioned. For this reason there is the United Nations to enforce neutrality. America, Russia and China are the three great nations in the U.N. America and Russia have a common bond which is democracy. Democracy threatens China. Democracy threatens Iran which is a theocracy. Trump and Pompeo worked hard to spread democracy. Corona made it difficult for Trump and will make it difficult for Joe Biden.

Scientists do not recognize that the world was created with a plan. The Bible teaches that the world was created with a plan. According to science there is no ultimate purpose to the creation other than to live and be happy. Science only recognizes the law of survival. Survival on the earth demands cooperation between nations especially at a time when the world is threatened by nuclear destruction.

The bible teaches that the purpose of creation was for God to reveal his name in the world which is peace Shalom. Whenever countries make peace and avoid war is revealed the name of God which is Shalom or peace. Peace is also in the home between parents. Peace is also on the streets when there is no crime or violence. About this it says in Deuteronomy, The Lord is your God the Lord is One. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Teach your children these words when you dwell in your homes, go on the road, go to sleep and wake up. Jews hang on their doorpost a parchment containing these words so it should not be forgotten. God and his name are one. The name of God is Shalom or peace.

The Arab nations and Israel began a peace process which has great potential. Joe Biden is now the one to complete the work which President Trump began.

On Mount Sinai, at the time of the giving of the Ten Commandments God was revealed in the world through the prophet Moses. For one moment of creation, there was the revelation of God and his name which is peace.

Before Mount Sinai, people looked at the world from a scientific eye without God and without an eternal purpose, only to live and be happy. Survival was the first concern. Mount Sinai and the Jewish people brought into the world religion. Judaism was the first Monotheistic religion. Christianity and Islam followed Judaism.

Judaism was the religion of the nation of Israel. Christianity was the religion of Rome. Islam became the religion of the Ottoman Empire. These empires fought between each other. The Jews were dispersed throughout the world after being expelled from Jerusalem by the Romans.

The destruction of the Byzantine Empire left Christianity and Protestant religion spread out through the Western World. The downfall of the Ottoman Empire after World War I Islam was left in Turkey, Azerbaijan and spread out throughout the Middle East. Religion was dispersed throughout the world but after World War I religion fell in the background of life when the world adopted secular values. Already in 1776, America separated from Great Britain to become a free nation in its Declaration of Independence and constitution, separating church and state.

President Trump attempted to bridge the gap between secular and religious through spreading American values throughout the world guaranteeing freedom and human rights. The left liberal democrats and followers of George Soros leftist philosophy opposed President Trump and succeeded to replace him with Joe Biden. The left liberal democrats were opposed to Republican conservative values supporting religion with freedom.  These liberal values were atheist or agnostic supporting abortion, gay rights, and even became close to anarchy after the murder of George Floyd – Black Lives Matter.

The Plan of God in his creation is to integrate religion in life but not to completely remove religion from life. Religion fell in the background as secular values entered the world. There remains in the world strong religious values which will oppose Joe Biden if his intent is to make the world completely secular. He may decide not to intervene in world conflicts which involve religion such as the dispute over the land of Israel.

The Jewish people returned to their homeland when was established the Modern State of Israel. The Modern State of Israel is democratic giving freedom of religion recognizing other monotheistic religions which came after Judaism. They did not reject the help from President Trump even though he was spreading Christian Evangelism with freedom. When he succeeded to bring Israel together with UAE and Bahrain Netanyahu accepted his help even if it meant putting annexation on the side. Trump was able to delay a potential war between Iran and Israel.

Religious fundamentalists from both sides Islam and Judaism will never compromise on their religious values. Iran became religious fundamentalist in the Islamic revolution in 1979.  The Jewish people have no homeland other than the Land of Israel. Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated by Zionist religious fundamentalists after the Oslo Accords. The fear of moderate traditional Jews living in Israel is that Joe Biden will reverse the direction of President Donald Trump by removing from Iran the fear of America.  The Arab nations primarily Egypt and Saudi are also opposed to a strong Iran.

Israel has its religious fundamentalist amongst their Orthodox. Many religious leaders did not give President Trump the proper respect. According to the Jewish faith, Israel has only to depend on God and not a man. They are opposed Christian influence which is a danger a cause of assimilation.  Later Jewish religious leaders like the Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism looked more toward the danger to the Jewish people and to mankind of liberal atheist values such has been displayed in America and in the world.

Jews like Karl Marx and Trotsky were influential in the beginnings of Communism. George Soros a Jew the Founder of the Open Society leads the world of the liberal left. Christianity which is built on the faith in a man the Messiah in the light of Chassidism is better for the Jewish people than atheism and liberalism.

Jews believe in God alone. In the Garden of Eden, all the creatures of the world connected to God through Adam. After the sin when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge faith connected to God without Adam as the intermediate. Islam and Judaism connect to God alone; Christianity connects to God through the Messiah. These three lines of faith are in the plan of God.

Atheism is against the will of God especially when it is organized to become a nation which opposes religion. Those that have a difficulty connecting to God through one religion, can today connect to God through the Universal Faith which is Baha”i faith and Progressive Jewish spirituality. God is the king of the universe. He punishes and he rewards. Corona Pandemic is an example of the hand of God which punishes. President Trump was working in the right direction before the world was hit by the Pandemic. Israel hopes that Joe Biden will continue in this direction to bring stabilization to the Middle East.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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