Join Madonna to Save Americans from Gun Abuse

  • Now is the time for President Trump to complete the job of stopping crime in America through repealing the 2nd Amendment.
  • He hasn’t really tried to close the gun show loophole. His plans to build the wall have taken priority. 
  • Now is the time to confront him on the issue of Gun Control.

The Pop Star Madonna has called out to God to help and correct the abuse of firearms in America. Once again over the past few days there have been new incidents of killings. Three people dead and 15 people injured at the Garlic festival shooting in Northern California on July 29. Two people killed at a Mississippi Walmart July 30 by a disgruntled employee, one of them a police officer. The shooting happened at 6:35 in the morning.

The previous week July 29 there was a shooting at a park in Brooklyn. One person was killed and 11 others were wounded. Four people dead in a Los Angeles shooting spree July 26.

James W. Lucas an attorney in New York City and author of the book Are We The People? How We The People Can Take Charge of Our Constitution and recently renewed discusses Amendments to restore the Constitution and the protocol to change the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution which permits civilians the rights to purchase and carry firearms. To repeal the 2nd amendment is not simple. Ron Elving discusses what it would take to do it.

Trump on Gun Control: “No matter what you’ll do you have people that are mentally ill and they have problems and they’re going to slip through the cracks…the gun laws have nothing to do with this. This isn’t guns. This is about mental illness. You’re always going to have difficulties, no matter how tight you run it. Even if you had great education having to do with mental illness, you educate the community, still you’re going to have people that slip through the cracks. And these people are more than slipping through the cracks.”

President Trump has emphasized that the importance of Building the Wall to prevent crime and drug traffic in America. He has now received the OK from the Supreme Court to acquire $2.5 billion for this project. However it is clear that only a small percent of crime and homicide in America is connected to illegal immigration. Now is the time for President Trump to complete the job of stopping crime in America through repealing the 2nd Amendment. President Trump during a bi-partisan meeting with members of congress in February spoke on school and community safety at the White House.  He showed that he is aware of the problems of gun traffic and is in favor of curtailing gun violence. Trump has been supported by the National Rifle Association which makes it difficult for him to work for gun control.

Trump’s relationship with the National Rifle Association is showing in his hesitance to take action on gun control and only seeking minor changes which would not solve the problem, such as background checks. He hasn’t really tried to close the gun show loophole. His plans to build the wall have taken priority.  Now is the time to confront him on the issue of Gun Control. Without putting pressure on him he is not going anywhere.

After the deadly Portland School shooting President Trump presented a controversial proposal to have teachers and other school staff to carry firearms. There are various arguments about teachers carrying weapons especially around young children in Elementary schools. The National Rifle Association is in favor because they are interested in any way to prevent revoking or changing the 2nd Amendment.

Permission to carry guns in Israel was once much more lenient than it is today. Settlers were allowed to carry even machine guns. After they were misused against Arabs today guns are tightly controlled and carefully tracked by the State.  In the past people visiting Israel would see soldiers on the bus carrying weapons. America has police carrying weapons on the street on patrol, and police cars circling the cities ready to be called on alert.  You don’t see soldiers in America like in Israel. When there is an emergency like a terrorist attack it is good to see a civilian in the area carrying a gun. Israel controls firearms even so that it is difficult or impossible for the Arab population to acquire firearms.  Instead they use knives as weapons to kill.  If they had firearms, they could do much more damage.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

One thought to “Join Madonna to Save Americans from Gun Abuse”

  1. Americas relationship with guns is a deep rooted one which is connected with the history of how the nation was created.If a country has been taken in a manner which is associated with force and devious methods,and acts such as rape and murder have been committed on that land to obtain it in the first instance,then necessarily its good people are going to want to run away from that type of sick behavior.When one runs from something in fear of associating themselves with such a bad beginning it seems befitting that they would be looking over their shoulders and feel the need to protect themselves in fear of the natives taking back what was once theirs.
    Unfortunately Donald trump is not “enlightening” the people and instead encouraging their fear by allowing guns to flourish in a society which is in dire need of divine intervention.
    Madonna should be given a chance to run for president and with her insight into the reality of religion and women’s issues i think people will be pleasantly surprised with what can be achieved.

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