Judaism, Christianity; Biblical Roots

  • The Pope told Netanyahu that Jews and Christians are brothers.
  • The people of the world who believe in peace are protected from death in this world and in the afterlife.
  • The ten lost tribes can never return to Judaism but they can realize their connection to the Jewish people and even love the Jewish people who have suffered more than any other people in the history of the earth.

There are very few Americans that deny the importance of the charity work that that is done by the Salvation Army.   Very few people appreciate the work that has been done by the Army of God the Jewish people.  The world is beginning to appreciate the Jewish people which live in their communities even if they generally appear to be selfish that they help each other and show very little interest in other people only Jews.

The story of the Exodus of the Jewish people is the first mention in the Bible of The people of Israel as an army.  In Exodus 12:17 is written, “And you should watch over your unleavened bread (related to faith) because in the height of this day I have taken out your soldiers from the land of Egypt.”  God calls the Jewish people soldiers.  He is giving them a mission to accomplish.  There is a war in life over good and evil, life and death.

In the same chapter of Exodus it says that God brought out of Egypt Chamushim which in the Hebrew language has two meanings, 1)the people armed to fight and 2) one fifth of the people.  It is hard to believe that only one fifth of the Jews who were oppressed in Egypt left with Moses since they had suffered terrible oppressions.  It is easy to believe that they took with them weapons even though these weapons were nothing compared to the weapons of the army of the Egyptians.

Both of these interpretations are correct.  Exodus from Egypt had two important purposes and represents today two purposes in life which are the Salvation Army and the Army of God.  Exodus from Egypt is symbolic of receiving the spiritual salvation of God, and to the Nation of the Jewish people it was its beginning. To build the nation of Israel was required to fight wars in the wilderness and to conquer the land of Israel.  The conquering of the land of Israel took over four hundred years.  The Jewish people went out of Egypt ready to fight for their nation Chamushim armed.  However amongst the people only 20% received spiritual salvation.  The Jews after receiving spiritual salvation were no longer interested in warfare.  When the Jews entered Israel prepared for war; they entered the land with Joshua and the walls of Jericho fell through a miracle.  In the wilderness, the people lived on miracles day and night eating bread from heaven and drinking from a mystical well.  It says in scripture their clothing did not wither.  The miracles in the wilderness were for those Jews like Moses himself that had received spiritual salvation.  Moses and the people of his generation who lived on this high spiritual level did not enter Israel, only the warriors and their families.  Judaism and its laws were given by Moses for building the nation of Israel which exists today in the merit of its religion.  However 20% of the population of the Jews in Egypt could not be enlisted in the Army of God, but were suitable to be enlisted in the Salvation Army of God and Peace.  The nation of the Jewish people was split in two, the children that entered the land after forty years, and their elders who remained in the wilderness living in spiritual peace believing in non-violence only in prayer and meditation under the leadership of Moses.

Prime Minister Natanyahu tells the story in the first of his five terms in office he went to visit the Pope.  He relates that he saw the Pope from a distance at the end of a long corridor.  He approached the Pope and gave him Shalom.  The Pope greeted him and said, You are our older brothers.  First came Judaism and then from Judaism came Christianity.  The history of Christianity even goes further back to the 20% of the people that left Egypt who remained in the wilderness and died together with Moses their teacher who was for them more than just a teacher but also a Godhead. Christianity began at the end of the period of second temple just before its destruction.  It had another beginning less recognized which is connected to the ten lost tribes of Israel. Shortly after the holy temple was built in Jerusalem by Solomon, the nation of Israel was split in two by a civil war.  The majority of the nation, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel went with Jerbeon Ben Navat a great sage and holy man to build the new Israel in Samaria. During this period in history is written the story of Jonah and the whale which Christians relate to as the beginning of Christianity.  Jonah was three days in the belly of the whale.  Jesus was three days in the grave before resurrection.  Jerbeon Ben Navat had a purpose in breaking off from the mainstream of Judaism.  He wanted to give the people freedom which they did not have in the dictatorship in Judah.  The Nation of Israel in Samaria lasted two hundred years before it was conquered by the Assyrians.  The nation of Judah continued to survive until it was conquered by the Babylonians a few hundred years later.  The nation of Judah survived another four hundred years after the destruction of the first temple and its exile to Babel.  The Jewish people survive today as a nation through continuing the Torah law of the nation of Judah.  They pray three times a day to return to the days of their old glory through the Messiah.

The Ten Tribes of Israel were lost.  A portion of these ten tribes returned to Judah but the majority could not receive citizenship since they had intermarried and had lost their lineage.  The holy blood and the soul of these Jews the first believers in One God spread out throughout the world and are a good part of those people who started Christianity, the salvation army of God.  Judah and the Jewish people continued their work as the Army of God fighting for good against evil, fighting for their nation.  The Torah law of the nation of Judah did not give them free choice which causes Jews to rebel in every generation.  People need freedom; they need salvation.  The Pope told Netanyahu that Jews and Christians are brothers.  Christians can even be considered part of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. They can never again unite with Judah but there should be an end to hatred between Jew and Christian.  There are two armies of God which are the Salvation Army and the Army of God the Jewish people working to make the world a better place to live.

Today after the Second World War the world is in a crisis.  It needs unity between both the Salvation Army and the Army of God to enforce peace in the world.  I recently made public a statement on my facebook page David Wexelman:   Prophecy of a New Age

Moses has resurrected and returned to the world to unite with the prophets which came after him to bring peace and salvation to the world, a renewal of the Salvation Army for those that need salvation and peace. The war continues and lives are sometimes lost in vain because there is hatred and dishonesty.   The people of the world who believe in peace are protected from death in this world and in the afterlife. There is nationalism in this world each nation with its own personal interest and above all the nations is the nation of the One God the supernal Israel in the world of Unity and Peace where rests the name of God, the eternal Sabbath.

The letter א is the first letter of Hebrew alphabet represents the unity between the supernal Israel the point above the line and Nation of Israel and the world below.  The line in the middle is Moses and the Torah. The letter א is numerically equal to the number one representing the unity of the One God. The ten lost tribes can never return to Judaism but they can realize their connection to the Jewish people and even love the Jewish people who have suffered more than any other people in the history of the earth.

The picture above is of the Lubavitcher Rebbe giving to Rabbi Wexelman a dollar and a blessings to bring the Messiah and the redemption, World Unity and Peace.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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