Kaamchaalu’s CEO Keshav Mehta is Bihar’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

  • Meet Keshav Mehta, an 18 year old teen who is Bihar's Youngest Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert.
  • He started learning about digital marketing when he was only 16.
  • He has collaborated and managed the work of many notable artists from the national and international industries.

There are unbelievable benefits to pursuing a career in digital marketing. It can bring you a lot of money just by sitting in your home.

Soon, it will achieve huge pay and more career choice for digital marketing professionals. Every year the demand for digital marketing exceeds and it will keep on increasing. If you are a skilled digital marketer, you will be surely in huge demand and valued by the industry. There is a huge number of job opportunities in digital marketing jobs.

Meet Keshav Mehta an 18-year-old boy who is Bihar’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert. Let’s know more about Keshav, from studying in Modern English school for 9 years to become a most demanding figure in Digital Marketing.

He has worked with Bollywood Celebrities, Indian Cricketers, and top European and Asian companies. His working experience with the top-level companies has gained him more name and fame outside India.

He is the CEO of “Kaamchaalu” which is a leading Digital Marketing Company. Keshav Mehta started with Digital Marketing at the age of 16, firstly he took basic knowledge on Digital Marketing from Google Digital Unlocked certification and then and there founded his own Digital Marketing Company with his friends Ravi Thakur and Sujeet Kumar.

He was fully dedicated towards his work and efforts, however, he gained little spark in the market and he started dealing with International clients, he has served to his clients from India, South Africa, Singapore, Nepal, Canada, Indonesia, Serbia, United Arab Emirates and many more others. He is now among the most valuable and most demanding Digital Marketers from Bihar, India. Keshav is a professional Digital Marketer having more than 15 certifications in Digital Marketing.

He has managed his time for his work as a Founder and CEO of his company Kaamchaalu and also as a student, he used to do his studies and work equally so both go smoothly. Keshav Mehta also scored 79% in his board examination. He is now a mentor to over 50+ young digital entrepreneurs and digital marketers, he teaches them how to become successful and think out of the box to rock in the marketing world. He is an Author too.

He is also a celebrity manager, his company manages over 400+ Asian Social Media Influencers. His Contribution to his clients has made him more popular in the industry. He is popular with his PR works, IMDb Contributions, Social Media Management, and Music Distribution. Keshav says – “We should not step back after our first attempt, because success doesn’t come in a single day and we should keep hustling and trying to give our best, in return, we will get the best.” At the age of 18, while other youngsters are playing PUBG Types games on mobile, Keshav is taking over the Digital Marketing World.

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Keshav Mehta

Youngest digital entrepreneur and Author from Bihar, India. Expert in SEO, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing etc..

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