Keep Religion Out of Politics

  • The world changed slowly to evolve into a Free World where religion and politics became separated.
  • Religions are dictatorships. They have only one side. A democracy has two or more sides.
  • The source of freedom of religion is in the belief that God unites the two opposites which are male and female.

Religion was once part of politics.  The first Monotheistic religious state was the Biblical nation of Israel which was a Religious Monarchy.  The nation of Israel did not evolve into a Religious Monarchy immediately when they entered into Israel under the leadership of Joshua.  There was a period of 400 years called the time of judges about which it says in Judges, “In those days there was no king in Israel, every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”  During the time of Judges there was even a woman Judge Devorah who lead the country in peace and war.  The nation of Israel at the time of Judges is an example for all nations today. 

The establishment of a Kingship a Monarchy in Israel began a new era of unity of religion and politics.  The first king was Saul who was anointed by the prophet Samuel.  The prophet Samuel did not immediately agree to anoint Saul as the King of Israel.  There was a choice between a democracy and a dictatorship.  Both of these types of government are acceptable according to Torah law.  In war the stronger government is a dictatorship, in peace a democracy.  King Samuel and Moses the giver of the Torah saw that the Jewish people would be forever at war to survive as a minority in the world and they both agreed to make Israel a dictatorship according to the Law of Moses uniting religion and politics without freedom.  Judaism is today a dictatorship in the home as a result which is important for education of children.  However the religion does not belong anymore in politics.

In the government of Israel today there are religious parties.  The constitution of the State of Israel is for it to be a democracy.  For the religious to take over the country they will have to change the constitution.  The world changed slowly to evolve into a Free World where religion and politics became separated.  The change over still is not complete.  There remains several Islamic nations in the world which are not democracies.  Hitler Nazi Germany was a fascist state which opposed freedom.  Communism is a dictatorship which opposes freedom.  A religious dictatorship also opposes freedom. The compromise between fascist and religious dictatorship is a nation with Freedom of Religion accepting God as the creator of the world like Judaic and Islamic religious doctrines and also accepting Christianity Jesus as the messiah.  Accepting Jesus as the messiah does not mean calling him God as is done in Christian homes.  Declaring Jesus as God is another form of dictatorship.  When Rome accepted Jesus as their God they began the crusades to force the world to bow before the statue of Jesus.  The nation of Rome fell like the nation of biblical Israel.  These religions left politics forever but remain in the homes of Christians and Jews.  Religion did not leave politics completely but remained in politics  freedom of religion and a place to believe in God as Jesus or as is the custom in Judaism and Islam without an image.  These two faiths are opposites.  Judaism and Islam call Christianity idolatry.  In their temples there are no statues even pictures of man.  However there is a place in life and religion for belief in the Godliness of man represented by Jesus.  The Torah in Genesis says “Man was created in the image of God.”  Adam the first man was created in the image of God.  He was created from the dust of the earth which implies resurrected from the earth.  Christianity awakened in the world the sanctity of Adam the first man as a special creation, not an animal but having a Godly soul.  To incorporate Christianity with Judaism and Islamic faith requires Freedom of religion.

Religions are dictatorships.  They have only one side.  A democracy has two or more sides.  Children need a strict hand to guide them, so religion is suitable as a vehicle of child education.  The children of Covington Kentucky Catholic School are an example of the proper way of education of Christians in America.  They wear Mega Hats support a free America and also support Catholicism which is a dictatorship. American Jews are taught to respect their country even though they come from a religion which believes in the messiah their King in the image of King David who was a dictator.  The world has changed and will not allow Judaism to return to politics and will not allow again another Crusades.  The Pope is sitting in the Vatican separate from Italy.  The Pope does not want to again become a ruler from his most recent remarks in the news.  The Pope is preaching today Freedom of Religion but not to forget the teachings of the Bible.

The source of freedom of religion is in the belief that God unites the two opposites which are male and female.  God is the unity of the two opposites, the attribute of peace and mercy.  Mercy unites kindness and severity which are two opposites.  The Pope opened the doors of all Catholic and Christian churches and declared a year of mercy with unrestricted kindness.  President Trump who is Christian is building a Wall of mercy in the south to protect his nation from people and criminals who abuse the kindness and freedom of America.  You sometimes need walls but your heart should remain open to the poor.  Judaism has walls which are the commandments of the Torah to protect its children from the influences of bad people which are in the world.  There is evil in the world and there is good.  Religions build walls to protect the children of God from evil.  Freedom is an open gate but sometimes it needs restrictions.

In the past was abused the rights of man by dictators.  The nation of Venezuela is an example the abuse of a dictator where the people have suffered from corruption in the government.  David the king of Israel was a good and righteous man.  However his children who followed him abused their power and caused suffering to the Jewish people and the eventual destruction of their nation.  The father and mother are a king and queen in their home.  The Torah teaches “Honor your father and your mother.”  Above the father and mother is the law of the land, and they are restricted by the law. They have to respect the laws of their country which includes freedom.  Religion and politics have separated.  Religion is in the home.  Politics rules nations. The humanitarian is accepted in politics like a priest, Rabbi, and Iman.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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