Kim Jong-un Ordered Five North Korean Economy Ministry Officials Executed

  • The officials were executed with a firing squad on July 30.
  • Executions aren’t a new phenomenon in the secretive North Korea state.
  • This week it emerged that Kim Jong-un displayed his uncle's head after he executed him.

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of five officials from the country’s Ministry of Economy on the grounds that they questioned and criticized his policies. The information is courtesy of the Daily NK , a South Korean-based news portal that reports stories courtesy of it’s well established network of informers in the secretive state.

North Korea has suffered under sanctions for decades

As per the report, the officials were executed with a firing squad on July 30 after they questioned the economic measures of the regime during a dinner. The anonymous informants explained that the details of that private conversation were reported to the heads of the Ministry of Economy and then the five men were summoned to a meeting but were subsequently arrested by the secret police.

According to the article in the Daily NK, the head of the Ministry of Economy and the nation’s leader, dictator Kim Jong-un were informed of the said discussion about the stagnation of the Asian country before an investigation against the five men was launched. 

Executions aren’t a new phenomenon in the secretive North Korea state. This week it emerged that Kim Jong-un displayed his uncle’s head after he executed him. The said uncle was a former powerful general in the regime. Additionally, he also executed other family members by use of the nation’s firing squad.

Donald Trump (left) told author and journalist Bob Woodward that the North Korean leader ‘tells me everything’, including that Kim Jong Un (right) had his uncles decapitated head displayed to officials after ordering his execution.

In his conversations with veteran journalist, Bob Woodward, US President Donald Trump boasted that the North Korean leader “tells me everything”.

In Bob Woodward’s new book ‘Rage’ – compiled following a series of recorded interviews as well as access to private correspondence – Trump stated that the North Korean leader gave him a detailed account of how he murdered his uncle.

Terrible Economy.

At the moment, North Korea’s economy is terrible having been devastated by decades of political failures , US-led sanctions over Kim’s nuclear and weapons program, border closures due to the coronavirus pandemic as well as unusually severe summer floods that could have exacerbated chronic food shortages in the hermetic nation.

Natural disasters tend to cause more damage in North Korea than in South Korea, mainly because of the fragility of North Korean infrastructure.The country is also very vulnerable to flooding due to massive deforestation.

More than a thousand houses were destroyed by Typhoon Maysak and numerous public buildings and farmland were flooded in North and South Hamgyong provinces, according to KCNA.

Kim Jong-un visited the area on Saturday to check the damage and organized a meeting on rescue operations. In addition, he fired the chairman of the South Hamgyong province party committee , according to KCNA.

In 2016, at least 138 North Koreans died during floods caused by torrential rains, according to the United Nations.

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