Kuwait Breaks Up Egyptian Rioters, Cairo to Fly Them Home

  • The Ministry of Interior confirmed that "as soon as the riots and chaos occurred," the security men intervened.
  • The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs will meet with the Egyptian Ambassador to urge the Egyptian side to calm the community in the country.
  • Two flights will begin to evacuate the Egyptian violators, the first at 1:30 PM, and the second at 7:30 PM.

Kuwaiti authorities resolved “riots and chaos” by Egyptian workers seeking repatriation after being held in special housing units for violations of the country’s residence law. The Egyptian embassy had also apologized for the incident, and said hey would begin preparing schedules for their return flights this week.

Since its independence in 1961, Kuwait maintained strong international relations with most countries, especially nations within the Arab world. Egypt and Kuwait have embassies in their respective capitals.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that “as soon as the riots and chaos occurred,” the security men intervened. The forces tightened control over the rioters, seized a number of them, and transferred them to the jurisdiction to take legal measures against them. The Ministry also stressed that “the instructions issued to the security men are clear and explicit and provide for dealing firmly with the rioters,” and aded that “the security services will not allow chaos or bypassing the law.”

The Ministry pointed out that representatives from the Egyptian embassy came to inform their nationals that the embassy will start preparing return flight schedules for all violators of residence law. They will remove the workers from Kuwait this week, according to the procedures and protocols related to the evacuation process. The statement added that the Egyptian embassy has apologized for the “riots” issued inside the shelters, and confirmed that it will take serious measures to solve this problem.

In a related development, sources confirmed that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs will meet with Egyptian Ambassador, Tariq Al-Qouni, Monday, to urge the Egyptian side to calm the community in the country, and not to repeat what happened.

For his part, he stated that the shelters for the Egyptian violators witnessed a “large gathering of Egyptians in violation of residency in Kuwait, who have been detained in the shelters for more than three weeks without being allowed to leave outside these centers.” He added that “the violating Egyptians appealed quickly for their evacuation from Kuwait due to the humanitarian conditions they endured throughout this period.”

Two Trips Wednesday

Expatriates account for 70% of Kuwait’s total population. Egyptians are the second largest expat community in Kuwait, numbering more than 600,000 workers.

In confirmation of what was published by news sources, on Wednesday, two flights will begin to evacuate the Egyptian violators, the first at 1:30 PM, and the second at 7:30 PM, onboard EgyptAir. The Ambassador affirmed that the first trip will be dedicated to women and children, which are the humanitarian cases that are always a priority. The flights will start this week, and they will continue successively during the coming days until all of them are transferred to Egypt.

The Egyptian embassy said:

“The embassy followed the unfortunate events that took place in the two shelters in the Kabd and Jleeb Al-Shuyukh area on Sunday evening, May 3, and the embassy confirms that these actions are not acceptable in any way, it expresses its appreciation for the good handling of the Kuwaiti authorities in the situation, Confirming our great confidence in the wisdom of the brothers in the Ministry of Interior.”

The embassy continued in its statement:

“In this regard, we would like to point out that consulate officials were dispatched to the Salma Bint Hamza School in Jleeb Al-Shuyukh on Sunday evening to meet with representatives of the community members residing in the shelter center, in the presence of the Kuwaiti officials. The community to avoid any problems, as well as informing them of developments related to the start of the expected trips to their return to Egypt during the current week, while reaffirming the ambassador’s willingness to receive representatives of violators of residence at the embassy headquarters at any time, in addition to the visits that the consulate made to the shelters during the last period.”

The statement continues:

“Also, the embassy is following up with Kuwaiti officials arrangements for operating flights for violators of residence, and the Kuwaiti side has provided us with the data of the registrants in these centers last weekend, which Cairo has been provided with, knowing that two flights will be conducted this week for women, children and the elderly, provided that other trips will follow in the coming period. Also, the Egyptian authorities are preparing quarantine places for returnees who violate the residency in accordance with their requests and circumstances.”

The Egyptian embassy concluded its statement by saying: “In the end, the embassy calls on the children of the community residing in the shelter centers to adhere fully to the instructions issued by the Kuwaiti security authorities and not to be led by the rioters and the rumors.”

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