Learning from Corona Pandemic

  • Corona threatens the body and mind with illness.
  • Quarantine and wearing masks is depressing for everyone.
  • The Biblical cause of Corona is that people were not truly happy and thankful when times were good.

Corona virus is still with us even though there are some improvements. There have already been 22 million people infected and 780 thousands deaths from the disease. In America alone more than 5.5 million cases and 173 thousand deaths. Russia is the first to produce a vaccine and there are many companies in the world on the way to producing an accepted vaccine. Including all the people infected in the world with those that will be eventually vaccinated hopefully will be reached Herd Immunity. In case that will come another similar virus, medical science is doing research the use of anti-viral drugs like Hydrochloroquine and Remdesvir to prepare for the next plague God Forbid.

Guru Janardan who travelled the world in the 1970s brought the spirituality of the Garden of Eden to the everyday person. Yoga is universal. Inner peace and tranquility is universal.

Even though humanity is depending on Medical Science for a solution, during the past seven months while in quarantine, restrictions people should have become wiser, meaning to have learned from their life experience the facts and secrets of life and happiness. It says in the Bible, Deuteronomy 28:47, about a long plague which God will bring on mankind, “Because you didn’t serve God with joy and with a heart of goodness.”  When times were good mankind did not appreciate the goodness of life. Plagues and disease come to the world to learn this lesson.

Everyone today should appreciate the blessing of good health. The quarantine has been forced on humanity to protect the health of people and prevent the death of those in danger of corona.  Saving a life is important to God and to humanitarians even to lockdown the economy temporarily. The job of mankind is to save lives. Only God has the right to take lives because only God gives life.

Sitting in quarantine is not easy. People have been forced to slow down the pace of their lives. Slowing down the pace of life can be frightening. When sitting alone in the house or alone with the family , people start thinking. They begin to ask questions which they avoid when they are active working in the world. People may have to do introspection. They may have to look deeper into life to understand themselves and the world the creation of God. In middle of life, they may have to discover a new beginning.

There is a beginning to the world written in the first passage of the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  The life of each person begins on his date of birth. Life begins with childhood. Children think less than adults. They develop physically and mentally in different stages, childhood years, teenage, young adult, adult, middle age adult, and senior citizen. In each stage in life people adapt and grow according to the level of their development. The curriculum changes in each grade from elementary school, junior high school, high school, college. Further education can reach the level of doctorate. People add one doctorate to another. Further education may not be necessary. People can also survive with just a high school education.

The Guru is in the world to educate mankind. Guru means teacher. The goal of the Guru is to give each person the education to know himself. The work of the Guru is to open up the mind and heart of people to reach their maximum potential. The goal of the Guru is to help people reach the deepest appreciation of life. God is called in the name of life. God is called in the name of peace. Life and peace are two universal goals. Through the Guru is reached the essence of life. Through the Guru is reached inner peace.

Religion is important to mankind. The main purpose of religion is to know right and wrong. Religion gives a Code of Ethics. Religion stresses that God is the creator of the world. There is one God the creator who is unknown. God is accepted with blind faith. Receiving God with blind faith and accepting the laws and ethics taught in religious school is only part of the way toward truth. Truth includes in it religion but also includes peace and true happiness.  Life includes in it religion but life is more than religion.

Many Orthodox observant people accept the teachings of their religion but do not seek further into the meaning and essence of life.  They are satisfied with a purpose in life of raising a family. Raising a family demands a great effort. Providing livelihood for your wife and children demands a great effort. Education for your children may be free public school education or you may prefer private schools to give your children more expertise and a better environment for education. When a person is married he has to give his wife not only material pleasure including jewelry, a house to decorate, but also emotional support. He should cherish his wife even more than his own body.

In life there is working for others to include your family and profession. There is also thinking of yourself to nourish yourself with self-knowledge and knowledge of God. To know God means to believe in God and to know his law which is the Bible and other scriptures. To know yourself, is needed a Guru. Many religious leaders’ clergymen are against Gurus. They may even be against secular education. Religious leaders emphasize the teachings of their religion, the study of scripture and observance of their precepts. Religion gives a structure to life, a framework which may be enough for many people. Many people may reject the teachings of religion as atheists, agnostics, or traditional observers not Orthodox. Each one to his own conscience. The teachings of the Guru may be vital to your health and well-being.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe who taught not only the connection to the Torah but also the importance of joy.

The Guru will teach relaxation exercise called Yoga. It may include the reciting of a mantra or a type of breathing. Not everyone are interested in relaxation training. They are not interested in learning from a Guru Yoga. Yoga is a teaching for the individual while religion is involved with grouping. You join a congregation which will enrich your life and help in the education of your children.

In life there are groupings, to include family, ethnic groups, national loyalties, and world interests. Quarantine in Corona Pandemic forces people to look for individual relaxation training to cope with themselves and cope with the stress of their life. Unfortunately Corona has caused many families to break up under financial and emotion pressures.

Relaxation means feeling calm. Feeling calm is related to stabilization of the nervous system. The feeling of calmness and peacefulness is connected to the Sabbath. On the Sabbath the seventh day Jews are commanded by God to rest from work. The universal concept of Sabbath is a deep inner peace connected by the Bible to the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden to populate the world and make the world a dwelling place for God. Israel this week made a peace treaty with UAE which is considered by many a great step in the direction of peace in the Middle Eastern. Mankind has left the Garden of Eden for more than five thousand years. The population of the world today is 7.8 billion people.

The Guru can help people to connect again to the Garden of Eden through Yoga.  Most people like a busy life. They like the physical pleasures and achievements of life. Corona Pandemic has made people to become more interested in finding the Garden of Eden of calmness and peacefulness, inner peace pleasures and excitements. The Guru is in the world for those people under stress which need to relax. Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden but it still exists within the consciousness and within the potential of man to seek it out and find it, inner peace and happiness. Yoga means connecting with yourself. Yoga also means connecting to God.

Orthodox religion teaches to connect to God through action. Connecting to God emotionally is the work of the Guru. Emotions are part of the inner soul of the human being connected to his nervous system, respiratory system, to his whole body. The Garden of Eden is a big secret in esoteric Jewish mysticism, progressive Jewish spirituality and Yoga. The need for inner peace is universal. Yoga is universal. Yoga is not an excuse for people to reject their obligations in life. It can be integrated in life and with religion. Yoga teaches that in the deepest place called the Garden of Eden there is unlimited infinite light which is called freedom.  It is not the freedom of anarchy but the freedom of productivity. Yoga connects to resurrection the spiritual light of the new age.

Adam the name given in the Bible for man, is the essence of each individual. The home of Adam is the Garden of Eden. The Song of Songs of Solomon begins, Come into my garden. The Garden of Eden is the palace of a king. Not everyone is treated like a king in this world. Monarchies have fallen; they no longer exist. The Kingship of God exists. God is forever the king of the universe. The king, the creator of the universe placed Adam the first man in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is a world in itself. Our world whose population has grown to billions and where was made the peace treaty between Israel and UAE is another world with the goal of peace, peace between nations.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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