Led Trailers Mobile LED Screens for Safer Gatherings

In the age of COVID-19, social distancing measures have separated us, but it also seems that coming together is even more important than ever. We have all seen drive by demonstrations, trying to find a balance between the two, or even worse, protesters and politicians flouting these measures altogether!

But what if there was a better way? Now there is with LED, Jumbotron, and streaming technology. Imagine if you will, a large gathering in parking lots – large LED screens, and a short range am transmitter. Your politicians, religious leaders, or speakers can broadcast through zoom, or from an isolated room, and still be seen and heard by the group.

As a social species humans don’t typically do well emotionally in isolation. While there may be exceptions, this is true of most. Having an opportunity to come together with people who share our ideals, whatever those may be is not only helpful to our causes, but healthy for the soul as well.

Having a chance to gather together in a safe and healthy way. This can be useful for conferences, conventions, demonstrations, protests, gatherings, reunions, church meetings, and much much more.

Any type of gathering is better when the participants can meet in safety. Because cars are relatively isolated they are a much safer option for gathering than standing shoulder to shoulder, or sitting in a room that will circulate COVID-19 again and again.

LED Trailers offers low cost rental options. Whether you want a tech present, or just training to operate it yourself, LED Trailers can do it all. With no contact delivery options (using staggered delivery and setup) and virtual training sessions, LED Trailers are the experts at boosting your attendance, and revenues through LED Technology – And now the experts at gathering safely, and keeping the lines of communication open.

Their services range from simple rentals of their screens, to full service setup and content management, to assisting with planning and running your event in a safe and healthy way. You can read more about how they can boost your events performances at led-trailers.com

Or you can give them a call at 971-338-4444 and talk to one of their friendly experts about how they can help you build a gathering, and make it successful and safe, in the time of COVID!

Stay healthy, Stay safe!

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