Let’s Talk to Country Singer Reatha Pitman

  • "I think the discussion in all circles of music is changing as both independent artists as well as well known artists are speaking out about supporting women in music." 
  • "I don't have a favorite song from my childhood but my all time favorite artist is the country mother/daughter duo The Judds."
  • "All of my songwriting comes from personal experience."

Did you feel a creative freedom, as an independent artist, while recording this EP called “Road On Which We Travel”?

I had complete freedom.  I had never considered myself a songwriter but I sat down and decided that I could write a song, which then lead to completing all 4 songs that are now on my EP.  I wrote the melody and lyrics completely on my own and then my producer helped by adding in the other instruments and rhythm.  It was a really fun process.

You talk openly on social media and in your podcast about the challenges of being a female Country artist, which inevitably comes with struggles for radio airplay. Is it easier to talk about that more freely now, as an independent artist?

I think the discussion in all circles of music is changing as both independent artists as well as well known artists are speaking out about supporting women in music.  Whether it’s more airplay, supporting young girls in becoming musicians, or having more female artists perform at venues and events.  I don’t think it’s an easy topic but it’s one that needs to be addressed and I feel that I need to use what voice I have to help young girls foster their dream of one day being a singer songwriter.

What was it like working with Andrew Ishee. Three, and what did she bring to the table as a producer? Did she get something out of you in the studio that maybe you didn’t know you had?

A little bit off country.

I had been trying to raise enough money to record my first EP in Nashville but I couldn’t quite get the funds together so I talked to a friend who knew Andrew and put me in touch with him.  He’s a pianist and producer out of Laurel, MS and after talking to him decided he could help me get the project complete within the budget constraints I had.  He was super friendly and helped me feel more comfortable in the studio so that we got a great recording.  He’s worked with a lot of musicians and regularly travels with a more well known band so he had some insight on what the finished product should sound like.

Why did you decide to launch your podcast, and give us a little background about it?

I don’t have a podcast however, I do have a blog I started on my website called “Reatha’s Rythym” blog.  It is still knew and gaining traction but it’s another outlet for me to share a part of my life with fans.  It was originally started to allow fans to interact with me and find out more out the personal side of me and what in my life influences me which helps to drive my music, however, it is currently just a short excerpt about what is going on in my life at that time…without getting too personal.

Talk about the story behind the song “Hittin The Road,”? And will “Hittin The Road” be promoted at Country radio, or are other songs being considered?

Hittin The Road is a the first song I wrote and it’s about a woman who’s husband is cheating on her and she’s had enough.  I wanted to inspire women to leave the men they’re with if they’re in a similar situation.  I am not a person that is going to sit around and feel sorry for myself, I’m gonna take action and when a man cheats on me you can bet the ranch I’m gonna leave and not look back.  The song is currently being played on a number of internet radio shows and I am hoping to break it into the country radio FM channels but that is a work in progress.  My EP was also featured in a local publication “The Coast Observer”.

What is one of your favorite female Country songs from your childhood

I don’t have a favorite song from my childhood but my all time favorite artist is the country mother/daughter duo The Judds.  I’m obsessed with them.  I love the rugged sound and all their songs.  I actually went to see them in concert in the late 90’s when Naomi went back on tour with Wynnona for the comeback tour.  I’m not sure I’ll ever love an artist as much as I have always loved them.

Has anyone in the music industry given you particularly good advice?

Advice come freely in the music industry and everyone has an opinion.  Most of the time I take what everyone says to me and I weigh it out.  I’m a super analytical person and so I will listen to all the advice and the ones that get repeated or make more sense is what I tend to follow.  There really isn’t any one piece of advice anyone has given me that really stands out.  But I am always open to receiving advice because I think it helps me understand the business aspect better which in turn helps me develop as an artist.

Do you draw much inspiration from your personal experiences for your songwriting?

All of my songwriting comes from personal experience.  I had men that cheated on me which is where both of my cheating songs “Hittin The Road” and “Darlin He’s Yours” come from.  “Room For Both Of Us” is a song I wrote in response to jealous women who wanted to keep me from pursuing my dream because it was perceived that it would harm their chances which is totally not the case and I think we should be supporting each other because there’s room for more than one person in the industry even if on a local level.  Finally, “Daddy’s Little Girl” is the song I wrote about my dad who at the time was dying of cancer.  I wanted him to be able to hear the song before he died and he was incredibly proud of that song.

Other background information:

I wrote and recorded the first EP while serving on active duty in the Navy and though I am proud to have served my country I am glad to be able to support Veteran’s in a musical capacity.  While I perform locally my heart really enjoys performing at veteran events and veteran awareness events.  I look forward to being able to share a part of me with the world as well as help veterans.  Even though I have an old country sound this next album I am working on is more eclectic as far as topics and will appeal to wider audience.  I can’t wait to share it!

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